Flowers & Beehives

There are flowers in bloom all over the garden, Mikey has been out there helping his grandad and taking short rides in the wheelbarrow. He’s been examining the bees as they travel from flower to flower and has sneaked a few peeks at his grandad’s beehives hidden among the trees at the very end of the garden.

Mikey has also been enjoying honey on toast for his lunch, honey from those bees in the garden.

He has loved having the outside space to play in, coming in to help his uncle make tea for everyone and having more family around to chatter to and play with. Although the weather has been mostly cloudy we’ve had a few spots of sunshine here and there.

Crazy Days of Summer

I hope you’ve all been enjoying your summer so far, Mikey and I are spending some time in England with my family this summer! I’ll be sharing more of the photos on Friday for the Summer Daze Photo Party with Alicia of Project Alicia and Kristi of Live and Love Out Loud. Don’t forget to come join us!

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