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To the Country

We left the city early on Saturday morning, packing up a bag or two and Mikey’s swimsuit, with a quick wardrobe change before we left because we had dressed for the warm weather we were expecting but it was still cold in the morning.

We took the el downtown together, changing to the metra heading south out of the city. Mikey loves the train, and the metra especially, because it has two floors instead of just one like the el. While we were at the station he couldn’t sit still because he was excited about going on the train.

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We watched through the windows of the train as the city drew away from us and was gradually replaced with fields and a smattering of trees. We were picked up at the station and spent the day at my in-laws house, grilling, cooking and playing in the sun. Mikey investigating the things he hadn’t seen in a while, like the sheep and chickens, and being able to hang out with his baby cousin (who he didn’t want to hold because he said she was too loud, he should hear himself sometimes).

After a big lunch and plenty of play, getting utterly soaked in the little pool and by the hosepipe, we headed back towards the city. Mikey’s uncle drove us past the lake, where we could see the people on the beach and the boats.

Please forgive the instagram photos (again), I have barely touched my “big camera” this past week, something I have to rectify soon because I do miss it a little.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. How exciting for Mikey (and all of you) to get away from the city for the day and spend time with family in the country! How long is the train ride?
    Instagram or not, your photos are always fabulous and tell a beautiful story!
    Tish´s last post ..Leah | {Not So} Wordless Wednesday

    • Thank you, we did have a fun time. It’s about an hour’s train ride so not too far.

  2. Pam in IL

    I’m a former city girl who now lives out in the country. Loved your pics of your trip. How far out of Chicago did you go? It’s funny that sometimes I hear a story on the Chicago news about out here where I now live and the Chicago newscasters call my area the “far western suburbs” and I’m at least 100 miles out of the city!

    • Not so far, we travelled by train for about an hour (maybe a little more) south of the city, nice to see fields and trees instead of buildings for a change though.

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