Playing at the Lake

There’s really nothing nicer than being able to spend beautiful days just relaxing on the beach. Playing and digging in sand or paddling in the cold lake water, jumping over each slow, soft wave as it approaches the beach.

Friday was absolutely gorgeous here in Chicago, so after a phone call from a friend we decided to ditch our chores for the days and make an impromptu trip to the Lake to enjoy the sand and sunshine (and also to enjoy ice cream and some Marilyn Monroe films upon our return).

Mikey is fascinated with birds at the moment, in this case the seagulls that lined the lake shore. He watched them for a while, listening to their calls and practicing himself until he could make the same sound. Then he got up and ran towards them, watching as they flew up and along the beach to settle elsewhere.

If you’ve yet to read it, I wrote a guest post for Sarah Halstead’s Tutorial Tuesday. Some tips on shooting in direct sunlight (a problem that I’m sure most of us are going to come across at one point or another in the rapidly approaching summer!) and a few more of my photos from our little beach outing.

And also, don’t forget that the Leap into Spring! Finale is still open for entries. Simply link up your favourite photos that you’ve taken this Spring to be in with a chance to win one of our awesome prizes!

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