Playground, Legoland, NATO

We were blessed with such beautiful weather again last week and over the weekend, spending most of our days out in the sunshine at our local playground. It’s good to get outside after feeling cooped up for such a long time, Mikey has been wearing himself out every day enjoying the weather. It was nice though after being out in the sun all day to spend some time resting in the cool of our apartment with the blinds closed. Mikey deciding to play with his daddy’s game of ‘Go’.

Last month I won tickets to the LegoLand Discovery Center in Chicago, and it just happened that last Friday my husband and a friend were off work and able to go. So all four of us made the trip out there to see a miniature Chicago made entirely from Lego and all of the other fun things they had there for us to do. Mikey enjoyed the 4D movie and also watching a man demonstrate how Lego bricks are made (he was very excited about the special Lego brick he got from the machine!).

Over the weekend in Chicago we’ve had NATO in town and the resulting protests. Most of the city came to a standstill over the weekend with roads closed and public transport being re-routed. We had a protest march up in our neighbourhood, in fact on our street, with TV helicopters flying overhead for most of the day. My husband had our camera at work with him though (actually I’ve been without it for most of the week!) so when Mikey and I went out to see I only had my phone to take photos on. The march was peaceful, Mikey thought it was quite exciting, although it stopped traffic for a lot of the afternoon.

These photos are all from my instagram feed, you can follow me if you like, my username is @satakieli. To find out the camera apps I use on my iPhone check this blog post, and for phone photography tips check here.


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    • Oh I wouldn’t go that far :p but I am apparently living in a place for good photo opportunities for that sort of thing, lol.

  1. Great shots, i was keeping an eye on twitter this weekend making sure you were ok 😛 from what i saw it got a little ugly up there this past weekend,.
    Jodi Hall´s last post ..I just realized…

    • We’re far enough away from downtown that the crazy stuff that happened didn’t affect us, only closed our roads and messed up our public trans. The on march we did have in our neighbourhood was loud, but peaceful, thank goodness.

  2. My boys would love Legoland! The protests, probably not so much. It sounded like things got a little scary!

    • Lego land was a lot of fun! Mikey really enjoyed it.

      Luckily for the scary part of the protests happened downtown, so we were ok in our neighbourhood.

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