iPhoneography: Favourite Photo Apps

I admit that I’m a recent inductee into the world of iPhoneography, having only joined the modern world in February by getting myself a cellphone. I’m certainly not one for deliberately avoiding technology, quite the opposite in fact, but at the same time I had no real need for one until this year.

Before owning a cellphone, I enjoyed it when people would post their own cellphone photos to facebook or twitter. Little unstaged glimpses into real life, without the bother of a big camera or extensive computer based editing. As someone who would often carry my big camera around with me just in case, the idea really appealed to me.

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I’ve been playing around with various photo apps for some times now, as well as posting to instagram, and I’ve found a few that I really enjoy that I thought I’d share with you. These are all available on the iPhone, but I’m not sure about the availability for Android users.

Favourite Photo Apps

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($0.99 in the app store)
This one is my main go-to camera app that I use instead of the native iPhone Camera app. It has a straightforward interface and some great editing options. I use this app to take my iphone photos and use the extensive scene options to enhance them.

VSCO CAM, camera app, iphone, photo app, iphoneography


($0.99 in the app store)
I only very recently got the VSCO CAM app, but I already love the minimal interface and beautiful filter options. I import the photos taken with Camera+ into this app, I use it mostly for photos I’d like to convert to black and white and love that I can edit the different filters to my own liking.

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(free in the app store)
Before I had an iPhone I already knew I’d love instagram. Filters aside, I really enjoy the social aspect of photo sharing in this way. I import my photos to instagram either straight from Camera+ or from VSCO CAM depending on what kind of filters I want to use for them. (You can follow me on instagram @satakieli)

iphoneography, photo, cellphone photo, lightning, rain

iphoneography, iphone, photo, photography, rain

Whereas I’m usually the sort of person who likes nice clean processing in DSLR photos, when using my cellphone I like to play around and see what I can come up with! I really like to use aspects and tools in all three of these to achieve something a little different, you can get some great effects with combinations of filters from different apps.

Don’t forget to read the next post, iPhoneography: Photo & Filter Tips.

What are your favourite photography apps on the iPhone or Android? Do you end up taking more photos with your cellphone as opposed to your camera?


  1. You’re making want an iPhone!! Like you, I haven’t intentionally been avoiding the technology, just don’t need it (yet), but it sure looks fun! Thanks for the tips. Your photos are beautiful!
    Lindsay at Bliss & Whimsy´s last post ..Fresh "Spring" Water

  2. I LOVE following you on Instagram! I also use the Camera+ app – it is so much better than the instagram camera! I’ve also seen a bunch of photographers on Instagram using the VSOcam and I think i really ought to download that app. I also have a couple editing apps that are fun – Snapster is one of my favorites and if you really want to be able to tweak away to your hearts content iPhoto lets you do a lot of editing and so does Snapseed. Oh and if you want to do rounded corners there’s an app for that – diptych and collage apps and a font app that I use – I’ll have to look on my opine to see which one I use most – I think Phonto is the one I use most, I’ve got a couple.
    Faith Raider´s last post ..Bath time instagrams

  3. Elaine Mcd

    Retro camera is great! It’s free…try it, you’ll like it.

  4. Dani

    Instaplus and 100cameras are two apps I use in addition to Instagram.

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