Bold Colour and Depth with Topaz Adjust

It’s great to branch out every now and then, to try something new or just a little different. It’s how I ended up arriving at my current photo processing style and yet I’m still always open to trying out new techniques and ideas. My processing style will continue to grow and evolve with time, along with my photography and everything else that I do.

This week I’ve been trying out Topaz Adjust from Topaz Labs, using the plugin to edit some of the photos that I took during our little outing to the beach last week.

There are a huge number of presets and fully adjustable options within this powerful plugin, I feel like it’s going to take me quite some time to try absolutely everything. There are HDR style processing presets, Film style cross-processing preset and so many more in between. Each one can be tweaked however you might like with both global and local adjustments, you can go for a bright bold effect or use it for a more subtle edit. For my beach photos, with bright light and harsh shadows, I felt like some of the HDR style presets would be great.

With one click, Topaz Adjust brought out some amazing bold contrast and beautiful depth to these beach scenes. It brought back some of the detail that I’d lost in both shadows and highlights on the bright day that the photos were taken, with no need to mess around with taking extra photos at different exposures and layering them to get it right. With the preview panel I can see the presets as I apply them, and click on the image to see what my image looked like before to compare as I continue with my adjustments and tweak the various options.

I ran the plugin on the images above, editing the SOOC from start to finish with the plugin and no other photoshop edits, adjusting each preset within the plugin itself for the effect that I wanted. With the photos below I tried out using Topaz Adjust as an addition to my regular workflow. I ran the plugin on a duplicate image layer in Photoshop and did a little of my normal editing with different layers as well.

I love how beautiful these skies all look after using the plugin, the clouds are brighter and more defined and the blues are so rich. I’m looking forward to trying out some of the other presets in the plugin and really getting used to using all of the different options, I also can’t wait to try using it on different types of photography as well, I think some nature shots would look great!

The Topaz Adjust Plugin works with Photoshop, PSE, Lightroom, Aperture, iPhoto and more. For more information visit the Topaz Labs website, where you can read more about Topaz Adjust and their other plugins, as well as look at some more before and after photo examples, view tutorials and check the system specifications.

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Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary copy of Topaz Adjust (as a part of the Topaz Labs Plugin Bundle) to try out, but was under no obligation to post a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.