With the threat of any frost seemingly over early (although you can never be quite sure in Chicago) I thought that it might be time to take a risk and plant some of our seeds outside. We have little space left for seedlings in the apartment, each window that faces the sun for most of the day has already found itself claimed any number of house plants and little clay sculptures brought home from art class by Mikey. So the planter on the porch will have to do, and if we get some surprise frost I’ll bring it into the kitchen, and put it between the stove and the back door overnight.

Mikey chose the seeds he wanted to plant, made little spaces for each of them in the planter and sprinkled them in. Then we made sure that they had plenty of water and we turned the whole thing into a sort of science project. Mikey drew a pictures of the seeds, the pot and planter, and then took a photo with his little camera. We’re going to water them every day and each week Mikey will check on them, draw different pictures and take photos as they grow into plants.

Last week we did a few other things, which included taking Mikey to see his new doctor for a check up. We discovered a few things we already knew, that he’s very tall for his age and slim… but still within the expected range for his age. We did, however, finally manage to get him a referral for a speech evaluation.

For those of you that might remember, or those who know us well, Mikey was born prematurely at 32 weeks. Like a lot of preemies he was late in reaching a number of his milestones, including being a late talker, and we were told that he’d eventually catch up. He’s four and a half years old now and still hasn’t caught up to his peers in that respect, so it seems as though this speech evaluation and most likely speech therapy will be the way forward. Hopefully then we’ll be able to have him on track, or at least close, by the time he starts school next year.

We’ve been thoroughly enjoying every single entry in the first week of the Leap into Spring! Photo challenge for our first prompt Sunshine/Light. You can still take part in the first prompt, the linky will remain open until Thursday. Don’t forget, the second prompt Easter/Eggs will be starting on Friday 13th April. You can take a look at the upcoming prompts and find out more information on the challenge here. We’re looking forward to seeing your photos, and if you haven’t taken part before, please just jump on in, all are welcome!

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    I just love it how your teaching Mikey to document his work. 🙂

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