Easter/Eggs [Leap into Spring!]

Easter weekend, for us, was spent at home. We relaxed in our apartment with windows wide open for fresh air, although the brightness of the sunshine was a little deceiving and the breeze was still quite chilly. Sunday was a lazy day of sleeping in, sharing conversation over morning coffee and a fun little Easter Egg Hunt for Mikey in the afternoon.

We try not to over do it on holidays, Mikey still managed to end up with more than enough chocolate anyway though. When you’re buying it, it doesn’t seem like a whole lot, and still doesn’t until you begin to put it all together the night before Easter and realise you’re going to end up dealing with a sugar -crazed child unless you are able to ration the goodies out properly over the next week! He had a small Easter basket with a couple of chocolate rabbits, some mini pots of play dough and a box of jelly beans. For his Egg Hunt, I hid a few plastic eggs filled with chocolate in the courtyard out front of our apartment building beforehand and waited for daddy to bring him downstairs to begin. The lush green plants that have shot up so quickly this Spring afforded some good hiding places for brightly coloured eggs.

Kristi, Alicia and I were blown away by your entries in the first week of the Leap into Spring! Photo Challenge. Such beautiful and inspiring interpretations of the first prompt: Sunshine/Light. I know I’m really looking forward to seeing what you’re going to do with this week’s prompt, Easter/Eggs!

Stop by Kristi’s blog, Live and Love Out Loud, this week to read her wonderful tips on composition! While you’re there, don’t forget to read her review of ThisLife, a fantastic company and service for gathering and keeping your photos, videos and “moments” organized and safe all in one place.

I’m teaming up with Alicia of Project Alicia and Kristi of Live and Love Out Loud to bring you the Leap Into Spring! Photo Challenge – a 6-week photography challenge aimed at capturing the beauty of spring.

Just a few details:

Not experiencing spring in your part of the world? No problem. All are invited regardless of geographic location.

Two prompts to choose from each week! Share your favorite images inspired by one of our weekly prompts. Or both. It’s totally up to you.

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Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge

Next week’s prompt will be Blossom/Trees. For a complete list of upcoming prompts, head on over to the Leap Into Spring! Photo Challenge page.


  1. Such sweet photos. I love the clarity in them. Definitely some sweet memories that you captured. Thanks for co-hosting this challenge with Alicia and Kristi.
    Lisa´s last post ..Leap into Spring

  2. Looks like you had a great Easter weekend…excitement is just oozing from his smile …so much fun 🙂

  3. A relaxing day full of fun is the best kind! Looks like your family had a successful egg hunt.

    Thanks for co-hosting the Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge, Rebecca.
    Robyn´s last post ..Leap Into Spring ~ Eggs

  4. Looks like he had a blast! Love the virutally monochrome colour scheme, with the bright pop of green. And, I hear ya on sugar crazed kids…mine were totally bouncing off the walls, and even managed to make themselves tired of candy. My Boy actually asked if he could please have some fruit and a glass of water, instead of eating more candy! LOL
    Tezzie´s last post ..Leap into Spring – Easter/Eggs

  5. i love this series of photos! what a sweet boy with such excitement written all over him!! you captured it so well! i just love his little galvanized bucket for storing his eggs! i love the last shot on the left … i love how he’s holding his egg and you can see the blue one in the background. 😀 sounds like you have a wonderful day.
    Tish´s last post ..Leap into Spring! | Easter/Eggs

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