An afternoon at the zoo

Mikey’s vovó, aunt and baby cousin came into the city on Monday afternoon to meet us and we took a little afternoon trip to Lincoln Park Zoo. We slowly walked along part of the Nature Boardwalk, watching ducks on the water, and then into the Farm area for a while to see the cows and goats, followed by the zoo itself.

Mikey’s favourite animals were the seals swimming laps in the underwater tanks. He waited patiently with his hands pressed on the glass for each lap, the best ones being when one of the seals would come right up against the glass where he was standing. The children at the other end of the tank would yell “He’s coming!” as the seal passed them, a wave of sound from one end of the tank to the other as each group of children took their turn to yell and then laugh with delight as the seal swam close to the glass by them.

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