My Little Assistant

We gave Mikey a small digital camera for his 4th birthday last September. It’s a “proper” compact camera, not one of those ones designed for children, so he’s not allowed to have it all the time to throw around the house. We keep it up on a shelf and he knows that he can ask for it whenever he likes and has to be careful not to drop it.

He’s been much less interested in accompanying me on little photo walks around the neighbourhood so I give him his little camera to take along too. At first he wasn’t really so sure how to use it, he would just spin around and around pressing the shutter button. But now he’s getting a lot more used to having to stand still, look into the viewfinder or at the LCD live view to make sure the camera is pointing at whatever he’d like to take a photo of. When he’s old enough to really understand the controls (other than the on/off, shutter and picture view buttons) I’ll teach him how to use the different modes on his camera and eventually how to shoot in manual, this little compact camera is great because it does have a limited manual mode. I love looking at his photos when we get home, a little view into his world and the things he is interested in. I am thinking I might get some of his photos printed to go into an album that he can have on his bookshelf.

His photos are a little peek for you as well, not only at what he’s interested in, but also of the place that I take about 95% of my nature photos in the city, including the ones that I posted last Wednesday. Perspective is everything!

Here are a few of Mikey’s photos from last week:


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