The Miraculous in the Common

The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sometimes it feels as though it’s difficult to know where you’re going. Perhaps you know where you want to eventually be, perhaps not. But either way the path is foggy, each tentative footstep taking you deeper but you’re still not able to clearly see the path. Sometimes you can keep going regardless, trusting that you will find the end eventually. Or maybe you find yourself distracted along the way, taking different paths to see where they lead before then thinking better of it and having to double back on yourself.

I’m doubling back on myself, again and again. Until eventually I find that I haven’t gone anywhere, I’ve been here before.

So, Spring is a time of new beginning. Birds are making their simple nests, lambs are being born out in the fields, trees are finding their leaves again and flowers are beginning to push their way out of the cold earth to bloom in the sun. It’s time for me too. To re-group, to learn and to grow. To bloom even.

It’s early as I write this, the sun has yet to rise but the birds are singing softly in the dark. I’m heading out to Michigan Lake at sunrise with a friend, to take photographs in the cold. Hopefully it’s just what I need.


    • It took me a really long time to get a good handle on photographing daffodils… they’re just so… bright. You should see my efforts from last year… awful. Also, I may or may not have had to trample through someone’s front yard to get that shot. Nature is hard to come by sometimes out here!

      The daffodils in the most recent photo you posted, in the background behind your son, are just lovely though, honestly.

  1. hyacinths make my heart flutter. gorgeous shots and so proud of how your beautiful work is coming together. it’s about time you put your portfolio together <3
    tristan´s last post ..my boy rides bikes

  2. Great post and pics! I love this time of year, I find I am always ready for a fresh start in the spring. Stop by if you get a chance 🙂 I have been out with my camera in search of new life emerging 🙂
    Allison´s last post ..Life Lessons From a Weed

  3. jessica r

    Love these, great colors! I really like your new design too! Modern and clean!

  4. yes yes yes! I’m so there with you. I have some monumental changes “springing” into being in my life right now, so this post is really encouraging.

    And HELLO! I’m LOVING the new blog – it is amazing!!!! Well done!
    Jenny´s last post ..After the Fix 2 | The Fix Mix Part II

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