I’ve been finding myself working on quite a few different things over the weekend. Changing the layout of the blog, adding in new features (such as my new portfolio link in the top right) which ended up taking a fair amount longer than I had hoped, as well as a few other small projects here and there. And also a wonderful trip to Michigan Lake with a friend in the early hours of the morning on Saturday, to catch the sunrise as part of a photo project with my friend as a model. We got there at around 6.30am after copious amounts of coffee, it was very cold but there was some beautiful fog enveloping the lake and beach. The beach was virtually empty at that time, the only other person being an older man much further up the beach than us. We could barely make him out in the fog, but he appeared to be bathing nude in the freezing cold water, wading into the lake and sitting for a while so that the water came up to his neck, before he returned to the shore got dressed and left. Nothing like cold lake water to wake you up in the morning!

After we’d taken photos at the lake with my friend modelling for me, the beach began to fill with joggers and people taking their dogs for early morning walks. We left, brushed off all of the sand from our bare feet and had a delicious, leisurely breakfast at a lovely small Scandinavian restaurant nearby. Then headed out to explore a huge vintage/junk/antique store full from top to bottom with pretty things and oddities. I wish I could have brought the entire store home with me, especially their extensive vintage camera collection and old photographs. You may have seen a few of the photos of the restaurant and the junk store if you follow me on instagram (My user name is Satakieli).

I’ll be editing and sharing the photographs from the lake with you in time for the Leap into Spring! Photo Challenge, which I’m pretty excited about beginning. I hope you’ll be joining us!

I know I’ve said it before but we have been having beautiful weather for the time of year in Chicago, so all of the blossom has been much earlier than usual. I’ve been out photographing it before it fades away, my Lightroom catalog looks more like a seed catalog at the moment. But it’s fun and the city is awash with colour!

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  1. Melissa

    Love the spring colors, very pretty! Excited about the Spring Challenge, hoping to join in :)Also looking forward to the beach photos.

  2. I doin;’t know what your previous layout was, Rebecca, but I LOVE this one.

    You’ve got so much more blooming than we do up here (WI)! Your shots are so pretty.

    BTW, thanks for the bloggy love via CM 😀
    Jackee´s last post ..molly’s lips

  3. Love the new format of your site — looking for something similar for mine.

    Yes, the weather has been tremendous for early spring — almost too much so. I fear we will pay for this dry spell in summer.

    Have a wonderful weekend — thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a thoughtful comment. 🙂

  4. Your blog looks A-MAZ-ING! And I know the portfolio drove you crazy but it was so worth it! It all just looks seriously wonderful 🙂
    Branson´s last post ..Anatomy of an Edit

  5. Love the glorious color you captured. Leap into Spring looks like a wonderful challenge. I hope to play along with you! I just liked you on FB too!

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