Passion [Poetic Winter, A Photography Challenge]

Passion is difficult, I suppose. Even the utterance of the word can send me into a little bit of a panic. There are a great many things that I feel strongly about, fewer that I feel absolutely passionate about, but with those few the feeling is always there as a constant, as an integral part of me. Existing in every waking moment and frequently taking up space in my dreams. Sometimes it just wells up inside of my chest, threatening to explode unless I do something about it. Sometimes that makes it difficult to express exactly what I mean, when writing about things that I’m passionate about.

I was thinking earlier in the week about how I was going to write about a passion for photography. But I thought about it further and realised that photography isn’t something I feel particularly passionate about, at least not by itself. I’m not really into all the gear (although it would be nice to have I’m sure) and don’t pay a huge amount of attention to the industry, unless it serves to further my vision. What I am passionate about is photography as a larger part of something else, of being able to see. Looking, finding patterns, seeking, observing, imagining, noticing, reading, visual order or disorder. Photography is an extension of that, or a tool, because my vision is made into something more tangible, something with which I can fulfill a desire to keep or share what I see, either in my mind or with my eyes. I enjoy looking at photographs taken by others too, and all kinds of visual representation… although I lack the talent to do any other forms of art.

With that in mind then, I suppose that really I could have taken photographs of anything for the prompt. With the visual itself being the subject of passion, not necessarily the subject of the photograph. But, I also managed to catch my husband one morning, before he left early for his new internship, and take a few photos of him. So I could get both, the visual and also a subject that I feel passionately about, pulling them together with a couple of “sort of” self portraits and the quotes from a book in my bookshelf. By an author whose books are all filled with intense emotions, someone whom I consider to be an incredibly passionate writer.

“Trust me, I’m telling you stories. … I can change the story. I am the story.”
— Jeanette Winterson

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    • Thank you. Yes, you know I knew exactly what quotes I wanted to use before I shot the photos… and they guided me. I really like that idea too 🙂

  1. Really love your photos and coupled with the large words nearly took my breath away. But it is your words that stirred me. Beautifully written. I also almost didn’t do photography because I’m not nearly as technical as some, but in the end it won out.
    alicia´s last post ..Poetic Winter Photography Challenge: Passion

    • Thanks Alicia! It really took me a long time to decide how I was going to write about what I am passionate about, without it being photography in particular.

    • Thank you Kristi 🙂

      You know, I had to re-edit my writing again this morning because I realised that in my sleepy haze last night a few of the sentences didn’t actually make any sense. So hopefully that quickly panic-edited version is the one you read 😉

  2. You and I are similar in how we view photography. I’m not passionate about photography per say, but how photography MAKES me see the world through new eyes. It forces me to see angles I wouldn’t normally. It makes me linger in the golden hour to soak up sweet light. It makes me notice the light in my sons eyes and it makes me notice the emotion of nature.

    Your first picture captivated me. I’ve tried often to get that kind of shot with no success. That first picture is stunning.

    Well done!


    • Absolutely, you’re completely right. I LOVE how photography lets me see the world with new eyes.

      And thank you 🙂

  3. I definitely relate with you. Photography is not one of my hobbies either. I don’t know HALF the “terms” and I don’t care to know them. I think regarding photography (it being similar), art is one of my hobbies. I love your post and images.
    Captivus´s last post ..Passion(s) | Poetic Winter Challenge

    • Thanks Shaunna. I think sometimes perhaps as artists we can get all caught up in the terms and technicalities, and while they are admittedly important it’s also hugely important to not sacrifice our vision for the sake of being technically correct.

  4. I love what you wrote! Photography is a whole other way of viewing the world! Something that someone else might see as simple and ordinary has a way of becoming extraordinary behind the lens! And we can capture those moments that are so dear to our hearts. The things we are passionate about. Beautiful post!
    Dawn´s last post ..Poetic Winter – Passion

  5. it is true, there is so much that photography offers. i have to admit, though i’m probably still considered a newbie after only delving into it for just over a year, i love learning the ins and outs of my camera and learning about photography itself. but i am wowed at the growth and change in me in that amount of time. I am so much more observant of whats around me, seeing things differently, a bit more creatively than i once did. what a wonderful post!
    Tish´s last post ..Poetic Winter Photography Challenge | Passion.

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