Holding out

Yesterday I spotted a few little shoots pushing their way up through the still-frozen soil, as well as some buds on trees nearby. Perhaps the plants have been tricked by the mild winter we’ve had so far, but I hope that they continue to grow and aren’t stopped by a cold snap. I’m looking forward to our little neighbourhood being very green again.

This part of Winter, the push from February through March, is one of my least favourite. I can handle the cold, the dreary weather, but I rarely feel inspired to take photographs this time of year. Everything is just so drab looking. Even attempting to shoot in black & white seems boring to me at the moment, although I know I just have to push through the frustration and keep on shooting.

But, despite that horrible feeling of not feeling inspired… I also have something to share that I’m crazy excited about! Back in January I submitted a photo to The Atlantic as part of a call for photos depicting America At Work. The photo series was published on The Atlantic’s In Focus Photo Blog on Tuesday morning and my photo is in it! You can see it here, mine is number 33 (you might recognise it from the ClickinMoms ClickinWalk back in October) and I’m so unbelievably honoured to have my photo among some amazing work!

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  1. Love those little shoots, but I certainly can relate to the dreariness of the north this time of year. I’m anxious for the early spring that I’m told we will have soon in here SC… 🙂
    alicia´s last post ..WW: "Hey You"

    • Thanks Kristi, I was so surprised to see these shoots and buds! I’m sure than when I arrived in Chicago last year around this time there wasn’t a single sign of Spring until at least April!

  2. WOW congratulations!! That is truly fabulous to have your work appear on the Atlantic’s blog!! I know what you mean about this time of year…I want to get out in the yard and get things done and be creative in the garden, but I know it’s just not time yet. I know I should enjoy the down time, because soon there will be just too much to do and maintain, but this time of year just drags for me! I will try to feed of your inspiration to get out there and shoot 🙂
    Jen @ Lita’s World´s last post ..Meatless Monday – French Lentil Soup

  3. congrats on your photo publication!!! so awesome and definitely well-deserved. spring is in full effect here in NC, according to my hyacinths anyway. they are in full on bloom. at this rate,they’ll be ready to prune for next year before my tulips come in! some awesome photo projects you’re involved in! hopefully, i can start participating again soon…
    tristan´s last post ..ladykiller

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