February Snowflakes

“They say that every snowflake is different. If that were true, how could the world go on? How could we ever get up off our knees? How could we ever recover from the wonder of it?”

Jeanette Winterson

We had a few snowflakes fall in Chicago again last Friday, some of them the biggest I’ve ever seen! But it melted fairly quickly and now we’re left with patches of ice and muddied snow on the sidewalks. But while it was still snowing I thought I’d take the Lensbaby I recently rented out for a spin. I’m still having trouble nailing focus (as you can see!) but it’s certainly fun to play around with.

I also have another toy that I’ve been playing with over the weekend (I’m all about toys and gadgets lately!). I joined Instagram and have been having a lot of fun, it’s really nice sometimes to take snapshots without worrying about having to pull out the big camera. I’m fully aware that I’m quite late to the fun, I’ve commented to different people a few times that it was something I should really start doing! I don’t take many photos in my house either because I worry too much about the mess or the often poor light, especially with my DSLR. But I feel like I can take a few silly photos every now and then with instagram and not worry about those things!

If you would like to follow me on instagram, I’m satakieli there too (I am almost everywhere, I would likely forget how to sign in if I used a different name).

Don’t forget that the free Poetic Winter Black & White Photoshop and PSE Actions are still available for download! If you haven’t seen them yet, I urge you to take a look at last week’s Poetic Winter Photography Prompt, Warmth, over here. And if you’d like to join in the challenge our next prompt is Passion, have a look over here for more details and stop by at 9am CST on Friday to link up your photos for the prompt!

Poetic Winter Photo Challenge

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  1. Beautiful photos. I like that they aren’t in perfect focus. (I struggle with that with my fisheye too.) You seem to really have the instagram knack. I think it is an art form and some people have it and some don’t. (like me)
    alicia´s last post ..WW: Warm Silhouettes

  2. the snowflake photos beautiful! You really captured the beauty of the flakes. The quote you put with it is also awesome. Its so true. It blows my mind to think that out of all the snow that falls, no two flakes are alike! Really incredible.
    Love instagram too and your photos are great!
    Tish´s last post ..Wordless Wednesday | Gymnastics Competition

  3. What great shots with the snow and the lens baby, I’ve been hankering for one of those for a while. I just love that shot of the wool and the books too – so cosy…
    Barbara´s last post ..Poetic Winter…

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