Snow Days

It started snowing in Chicago late last week, one entire day of snow followed by some short flurries in the days following. The first time since we’ve been living in Chicago that it’s snowed enough for Mikey to be able to throw snowballs, which was something he’s been looking forward to since the first small hint of snow in December last year. We spent an afternoon out playing in it, by the end of which we were both covered from head to toe in snow from throwing it at one another. The following day the snow was even higher, in places it came over the top of Mikey’s snow boots and was taller than the little dog that we take on walks for my neighbour during the week. In the evening I took a moment to try out some low-light photography in the snow on nearby streets, the brightness of it acting as a wonderful reflector for the deep blue evening sky and orange city lights.

The last few weeks have been filled with little spots of busyness, working on various little projects. Ordering some test prints of my photos, organizing a portfolio, editing some photographs from a little photoshoot with a friend and having my husband start back at school after the lovely long Christmas break we had.

I’ve also been working hard, along with the lovely ladies from Live and Love Out Loud, Project Alicia and Sweet Violet on a new photography challenge which was announced on Monday this week: Poetic Winter, A Photography Challenge. We would love for all of you to take part when it begins on February 3rd! You can read the announcement post here and find more details on the challenge right here. Winter can sometimes seem quite uninspiring when it’s cold and grey outside, so I’m very much looking forward to giving my creative side more of a kick start and seeing what beautiful photographs you can all come up with from the challenge prompts.

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