Ordinary Days

I thought I might share a few photographs with you, before I get too far behind on my everyday life Project 52. These are weeks 3 and 4 respectively, (the photographs for weeks 1 and 2 are buried within some of my previous posts) the first photograph being of my reading chair which sits in one corner of our dining room next to shelves sagging with the weight of all of our books. It’s the same corner where my husband keeps his guitars and where Mikey’s little box of writing materials lives. The chair was one of the first pieces of furniture we bought when we were married, we got it used with a bundle of other things from a family who no longer wanted it. It’s been cold lately, even in the apartment, but there is a radiator just behind the chair which makes it the perfect little cozy spot in the evenings. I don’t utilize it as much as I perhaps should, there’s always other things to be getting on with.

The second photograph was taken early Wednesday morning. Mikey in his mismatched pajamas: Mickey Mouse pants and a Star Wars shirt. Sleeping alongside him is Luigi, I think Mario and Yoshi must be buried somewhere under the blanket. I was wondering what photograph that I was going to take for this week’s Project 52 and, as I went into the bedroom to grab a sweater that morning after making my coffee, noticed how the light falls so beautifully in that room in the early morning and how comfortable Mikey looks in the bed, despite his somewhat bizarre position. I remember thinking that it struck me as funny, at the time, how deeply I felt that the way he was sleeping came so close to describing his personality when awake. I can’t exactly put my finger on it now as I write, but I felt it so strongly then.


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