Tuesday was our 5th wedding anniversary. We managed to escape for a lovely while, in downtown Chicago.

It’s become tradition now, somehow, that we go out for Sushi on our anniversary. When my husband and I first met in person (after speaking online for several months), he flew from where he was deployed in Kosovo to meet me in at Heathrow Airport in London. After a few days in London we took a short adventure to Paris, where we ate sushi in a Japanese restaurant on the top floor of a Parisian department store. (He then proposed a couple of days after we returned to Paris.) I suppose, because we’ve been able to visit and live in so many different places during our 5 years of marriage, we may have eaten sushi in three or four different countries, and two different states.

After eating, we wandered around in the freezing temperatures, to watch the ice skaters in Millennium Park and to walk over Michigan Avenue Bridge before making our way back home, both of us taking turns with the camera. And when we returned home, we hid ourselves away from the icy outdoors and watched some old episodes of Cheers. Laughing at ourselves really, for being wholly satisfied and happy with such a calm, silly sort of day together.

Of course, now I have spent a lot of time on Wednesday editing the photos that we had both taken. Instead of the housework routine that I was supposed to be sinking back into as my husband headed back to school today. And chatting online about ideas for a new upcoming photo challenge, which I honestly can’t wait to share with you all! I’ll be able to soon, once we get the finer details figured out.


  1. What a lovely story. It sounds like the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary! Congrats!
    Susan´s last post ..Eee-va?

  2. It looks cold on those pics, and still your smiles are all warm and radiating! Sushi looks delicious (it always does, but now I crave sushi at 8 am lol. Can’t wait for what you come up with as a challenge!!
    Meyser´s last post ..Blue, I tell you, it’s blue!

  3. Delightful, sweet story of love and adventure. You have a wonderful life it seems.
    How could I resist joining your group ? CHIC-KAH-GO is my Home Town.
    I am partially disabled …(Fibromyalgia)… and when I have the plysical energy to go out and photograph……I do.
    I use to work in the Merchandise Mart building…back in the …dare I say it…the late 50″s when I was still in my late teens.
    I am also just starting a year long class with Kim Klassen, and as we are going to be “required” to submit images there why not TRY your challange as well ?
    But most everything down here where we are living in Texas is really “brown” right now…a good deal of it because of our awful year long drought we have been having…….but I will see what I can come up with…. (first I will have to see if I can find my knickers )
    Rose (VictorianRose)´s last post ..VALENTINE KALD

  4. What a sweet, delightful love story.
    How could I resist joining your blog… “CHIC-KAH-GO” is my Home Town.
    I am partially disabled with Fibromyalgia…but I get out as often as I am able to try to photogaph something.
    We now live in Texas..and it’s pretty “brown” down here right now…as we have had an 18 month drought as well.
    I would love to TRY your challange…and see what I can contribute.

    Thank you. R
    Rose (VictorianRose)´s last post ..VALENTINE KALD

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