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Is it awful of me to say that I feel somewhat relieved that 2011 is over? It was a tumultuous year for us, and although it had it’s good aspects too I am very much done. With the changing of the date I feel a little like a weight was lifted from my shoulders, I know that I don’t have to hold onto so much of what happened last year anymore. I can stop dwelling on grievances and just let it be.

We spent a low-key New Year’s Eve at home, and although the ringing in of the New Year itself at midnight was somewhat anti-climactic because of that, I still have high hopes for 2012. I have made no real resolutions for the New Year I suppose, I’ve never been much good at that sort of thing, but I spent much of the weekend sitting with my notebook scratching down lists and ideas.

I have a number of projects planned that revolve around photography in some way, both art projects and physical real-world goals as such, or at least ideas. One of these is that I’m taking part in an Everyday Life Project 52 with develop and let’s lasso the moon. I’m looking forward to seeing how this unravels, and I’m hoping to be able to put all of the photographs together in a book by the end of it, be it a handmade journal or a professionally printed book, I haven’t decided on that part yet.

One of the personal projects I’m going to be undertaking this year is a street photography project. I’ve fallen in love with Chicago’s streets since we’ve been here and have really felt the need to get out there more. This will probably end up being something I do every few weeks, when I can find the time to get away, but I’m so looking forward to it.

I’d like to get a Portfolio website completed (because I’ve been dragging my heels on that), getting a Fine Art Print Store up and running, to actually print my photos, and also concentrating on trying to convince someone to exhibit some of my work locally. I feel as though a few of these are quite lofty things to hope to achieve, but I intend to work hard to complete them.

Despite what will likely be a lot of hard work again this year, I also have the intention of keeping things realistic. Minimal rushing and trying to exclude the bad kind of busyness, spending calm and thoughtful days. To love, be present, be healthy and make do. It’s easy to say all of this now, with the year ahead in it’s entirety. Cozy and warm in our little city apartment and the soft snow on the ground outside. I suppose all I can really say is, we’ll see how it goes.

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  1. Good luck with all you’re doing!! These black and whites are just killing me!! You are SO talented. I just adore your style. 2012 is going to rock, I just know it.

  2. Wonderful photos! I have a fascination with street photography, but am too chicken to do it 😉 I caught a creative live workshop with Lighten Up and Shoot and they are amazing! It is on my “someday” list 😉
    Branson´s last post ..The Light Shines in the Darkness

  3. these photos are amazing! They make me want to get outside and just take photos of teh “Simple” things in life and make them look like it belongs on the wall! wow!

  4. Beautiful photos and beautiful words. I especially love that first shot of the fence. And the tones are beautiful in all of these! Thank you for sharing! I have a link up for photos with altered tones called Tones on Tuesday that I would love if you joined :o).
    Emily´s last post ..Tones on Tuesday #16 1.3.11

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