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I don’t think I’ve done one of these reading/sharing posts for a little while now, so I have plenty to share with you this weekend! Mikey came down with a cold on Friday, quite suddenly. One minute we were walking our neighbour’s dog, laughing and having fun and then next minute Mikey stopped, told me he had a sniffly nose and asked if I could wipe it for him. I thought perhaps it was just from being outside, running around in the cold air, but it continued to get worse as the day progressed. Finally on Friday night, daddy had to take him home early from dinner at a neighbour’s house. He was covered with blankets and laying on the couch looking quite miserable.

On Saturday, despite our plans to go out and look at Christmas Lights, he was still sick. So our plans were cancelled in favour of warm drinks, cozy blankets, spoonfuls of honey and silly cartoons on television.. He took a nap in the afternoon which is virtually unheard of for him these days. Now, of course, it is Sunday and I have that same scratchy throat and sniffly nose Mikey had on Friday. I have plans only to drink green tea (with honey, lemon and ginger) and to cuddle under the same blankets as Mikey, watching the same cartoons. I plan on not moving from the couch, as I also bruised the side of my foot yesterday in a fashion-over-function moment involving lovely winter boots and now have a rather silly limp. Luckily we have plenty of leftover chili (that I was talking about on facebook yesterday, one day when I have enough sense to work out the measurements, I’ll share the recipe) and also some soup in the freezer to see us through.

What I’ve been reading this week:

I had a last minute panic on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week that I didn’t have an advent calendar for Mikey. I managed to throw a little something together (you can see it in the last two photos above) and he is totally thrilled with it. I know it’s late to be linking to these but next year, if I actually get my act together in time I’ll do something a little more creative like some of these, both DIY and Store Bought Advent Calendars in the Advent Calendar Roundup from Creature Comforts. A design blog that I love by the way. For something a little more up to date from the same blog, some little DIY Christmas tags and Paper Bands (the tags are available in English or German).

I’m taking part in Picture the Holidays, a series of 31 daily photo prompts from Tracy Clark and Paper Coterie. The above photos are from two of the prompts so far (All you Need is Love, and Reframing the Season) but I most likely wont be sharing every photo I take for the prompts here. I will, however, be posting all of them to the Bumbles & Light facebook page if you’d like to follow along.

I came across these lovely photographs via a friend, I was so completely pulled in by the introduction – “in search of enchanted and remote lands typically only reserved for the eyes of it’s inhabitants, but now are captured on camera by the automated and aesthetically-neutered street view cars that linger.” Some incredible scenes from google street view.

It’s already December and I’ve yet to knit a single thing, I feel like quite a failure in that respect. It hasn’t stopped me from gazing at lovely knitting patterns though, like this sweet mug cozy! Perhaps I should dig out my needles and yarn. So tempted by these legwarmers and this hat too!

I’ve found a lot of lovely little ornament or decoration DIY’s in my internet travels. I’ll hopefully be trying out a few of these. Pretty Clay Ornaments from Garden Mama, something that Mikey will have a blast helping me with. These gorgeous folded paper stars from HOME by linn, the blog is in Norwegian but the pictures are easy enough to follow if you do not understand the language. Some more sweet stars, this time gold cardboard stars from Strawberry Chic. I love these lovely branches used for decoration, Alternative Christmas Tree from The Haystack Needle (such a lovely blog too!). Finally, a lovely craft that I know Mikey will adore doing, some glitter jars as candle holders from the sweet blog, How We Montessori.


My autumn-esque blog header and blog colours seem a little out of date now. Perhaps I should work on photographing something winter-y for a new header! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


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