Rosy Cheeks and Knitted Scarves

I found the graffiti in the first photograph, while I was out looking for inspiration for Monday’s Picture the Holidays prompt, The View From Here. It was written neatly in chalk on the side of an apartment building at the end of the street we live on. As I was taking the photograph, Mikey waiting nicely beside me, the owner of the dry cleaner’s next to the apartment building came out and stood with us. I like it, “Nothing is Permanent”. It feels sad, but so wholly freeing at the same time.

I don’t think you can tell from these photos, Mikey has been sick all weekend (as have I). We had to cancel our plans to see the Christmas Lights and missed the lighting of the tree in our neighbourhood plaza. But there are still plenty of lights to be seen in the city and when we are all fully recovered we are going to head out to find them (as well as finally get ourselves a Christmas Tree and decorate our own home). In the photos above Mikey is wearing the scarf I knitted for myself last year. A little reminder that he doesn’t yet have a scarf of his own and that I should get to work knitting it to be ready in time for Christmas! He seems quite fond of mine though, and told me “Mummy made it!” so perhaps he’ll also end up keeping that one.

On Monday night, Mikey put his shoes out along with a picture he drew for Saint Nicholas. Tuesday is Saint Nicholas’ day and children in Germany will put out their shoes the night before. If they have been good then the following morning their shoes will be filled with small gifts or candy. On Tuesday morning Mikey was thrilled to find chocolate coins in his shoes and that the picture he’d left for Saint Nicholas had been taken. We decided to continue with this little tradition after moving to Chicago to remember those wonderful years that we lived in Germany, and that at this point Mikey had still lived longer in Germany than in any other country he’s been to. It can be pretty fun and interesting incorporating American (from daddy) British (from mummy) and German traditions into the holidays.

How are your holiday plans coming along? I feel like the only person in the world who hasn’t put up decorations yet!

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  1. Gosh, I just love these…the chalk on the wall…perfect. So true. Seize that day! (and looks like you did!) I knit too!!! I have to get back to it. That scarf is cute! He looks so cute…these are great captures. Love the processing too. Nope. Cannot tell he’s sick!!! We do St. Nick day too! I put the gold coins in the shoes. 🙂 LOVE that the little ones forget every year and are so surprised and then remember. 🙂 And, those cheap choco coins are yummy. I need to remember to buy more as they are good with my coffee…ha!!!

  2. Shots 3 & 4 are definitely fantastic! And I can’t help but be distracted by the fact that you were in Germany so long — where I’m now living 🙂

    We’ve really only decorated outside — and in a pretty grand fashion. But for the most part, we aren’t doing much of anything since we’re spending Christmas in Florida. After nearly 10 years of cold winters, we need a break 🙂
    Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead´s last post ..Getting Chilly

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