I was going to wait until Friday to post these photographs. Fully intending on hitting the publish button on my way out the door, as we left for a small family get-together with my husband’s family. And I hadn’t known what to write to go with them, deliberating whether to try and scribble something down at the last minute or to just leave it blank.

Something spoke to me tonight though, so I’m deciding to write a little sooner… although I still don’t have anything much to write about exactly. I’ve just finished up some baking for tomorrow, wrapped the last of the gifts and had a sticker fight with Mikey. I probably have one or two shiny gold foil stars tangled in my hair. The hardwood floor of our small apartment is covered with glitter, it twinkles softly with the light from the Christmas tree, and as much as we try to sweep it up it is still there and will probably remain even after the Christmas decorations have been taken down.

I’m looking forward to a few days of togetherness, being unplugged and present. Because we’re not present nearly enough. As for tonight, I’ll enjoy some tea and watch some television with my husband.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Christmas.


  1. Especially beautiful photos, sweet friend!
    Enjoy these special moments unplugged with your sweet family:)
    knowie our elf on a shelf will be flying back from the north pole and resting on my computer to await Santas arrival tomorrow night:) he’s going to help this mama avoid the temptation of turning on my computer….hahah! Merry Christmas!!! – Barefoot mama

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