Let it Snow

I woke up on Saturday morning to see beautiful fat flakes of snow through the window, falling lazily to an already white-covered ground below. Mikey and my husband were both still snuggled up and cozy in bed. I pulled my large winter coat on over my pajamas and grabbed my camera. I know there are going to be plenty of other opportunities to photograph the snow in Chicago over the winter, and there has already been a little snow before this, but there’s still something exciting about waking up to beautiful fluffy snowflakes.

I thought I’d stop in and share these photographs, before I leave today to finish the last of my Christmas shopping. Have you had any snow yet?

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  1. The first snow of the year arrived on Friday night here. Can you believe it? Seems really late to me. Only a couple of inches, at that.
    We made a snowman today, and I was in awe at how big my boys have gotten- big enough to build a snowman by themselves. Just. Whoa.

    I love your snowflake pictures. The cloudy, grainy grays in your photographs. Warm and cozy.
    Sidnie´s last post ..a dollhouse

    • That does seem late for Germany. I think I remember last year that the snow did arrive before that. We haven’t yet had enough snow to build a snowman, but I’m sure there will be plenty more in the new year! Oh I do miss Germany a lot.

    • It was such lovely peaceful snow wasn’t it? We watched it fall from our apartment windows for most of the morning 🙂

  2. These pictures are so amazing- they look like a silent winter evening. Makes me miss the change of seasons and the beautiful simplicity winter can hold! Thank you:)

    • Thanks Maegan 🙂

      I love photographing snowflakes, I had to run around trying to find my macro lens, because I don’t use it often enough.

  3. Kia

    Beautiful pictures! I wish it would snow here! I want a white Christmas….snowed the day after Christmas last year. I think I could settle for that again…lol!

    • Last year in Germany it snowed for us on Christmas. I’m not sure whether it will now in Chicago, fingers crossed!

  4. Wow! You got some excellent shots showing beautiful details in the snowflakes! I think we’ve been fortunate this year, but like you said, there will be more opportunities to come!

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