Learning to Write

Look at how grainy those photos are. That’s what you get for trying to take photographs indoors without artificial light, when your camera does not work so well in low light. I bumped the ISO as high as I can on my camera and opened my aperture right up as wide as it will go just so that I could get my shutter speed fast enough to avoid any motion blur. I normally really don’t like grainy photos on digital, it’s just not quite the same as grainy film. Then I figured, why not just go with it? Now I find I kind of love that about these photos, for no particular reason. Although my new speedlight arrived on Thursday morning (with much thanks to the Adorama gift certificate I won from the ClickinMoms ClickinWalk) so there will be much less of this grainy indoor photo nonsense.

Mikey has been learning to trace letters. He’s known his alphabet for some time, but has only recently started showing interest in being able to write. So we’ve been talking about letter names and sounds, and tracing each letter carefully. He’s all about learning new things and trying things, what 4 year old isn’t? And it’s been a big couple of months for him: learning to sound out letters, counting to thirty, potty training, going to art classes by himself.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about learning things, or trying new things. And it’s something I’m thinking about now, as I write this at 4am after waking up when the old radiators in our little apartment kicked on (again). I feel as though we’re getting settled here in the U.S. now, finally. As much as I’ve moved over the past 5 years it still always seems to take me quite a while to really find my feet and put down roots in a new place. Perhaps next year is going to be a good time to try some new things, some big things too, things I’ve been putting off for some time because I’ve been too afraid or have lacked overall confidence in the work that I’m doing. I know that if you don’t feel good about what you’re creating then it’s difficult to get other people excited about it, so we will see.

Mikey and I are leaving the city, this weekend, to bake Christmas cookies with his vovó (after a quick trip to IKEA on Friday afternoon). I also need to catch up on my Picture the Holidays prompts before I get too far behind. Next week will hopefully be filled with wellness (yes we are still a little sick!), the buying of a Christmas Tree (finally!) and the last of my Christmas shopping. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I love these. What book is that? I need it for Dustyn. He is learning to write letters. This would be great.
    Sarah´s last post ..Friday Fun

    • Thank you! It’s really not nice feeling so under the weather. I feel bad for Mikey because we want to take him to look at the city Christmas Lights, but not when he’s still sick.

  2. I think a llittle grain adds charm! I have a friend who is a wonderful photographer and she artificially adds grain to all her b&ws because she loves it! I think these images are beautiful!
    Maegan´s last post ..December Daily 1 ~ 5…

  3. I really like these pictures! I thought about getting that book for my kids. Learning to write is SO HARD!! Hope your sweet boy keeps on enjoying the process. LOVE your new header BTW 🙂
    Faith´s last post ..What about no header?

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