Christmas Cookies

This is the first year since we’ve been married that we have been able to spend Christmas with any family (save our own tiny little family of three). But now we live close to my husband’s family, we can get a belated start on making some Christmas traditions. One of these traditions is Christmas Cookie baking, something that just Mikey and I did together last year, but now we can share others too. So lovely to spend a day baking! Even though, I admit that baking is certainly not one of my stronger points.

Also, the photos above were all taken with my new speed light. Without it, I doubt I’d have been able to take many photos of the cookie baking festivities at all. I’m so glad that it arrived in time and I’m looking forward to using it more during the winter.

If you’re interested, the recipe for the ginger bread men can be found here and the sugar cookie recipe here.


  1. Love these cookie memories! And I am impressed by your speedlight… Makes me want one even more šŸ˜‰ the light in my kitchen is horrible, lol.
    BransonĀ“s last post ..Let it Snow!

    • Thanks! I ended up buying an off-brand speedlight because I couldn’t afford a Nikon one. I got a Nissin (on a recommendation from my dad) I am beyond happy with it so far. It’s pretty basic, no LCD screen on the back… but it does what I need it to do!

      These were bounced with a mini diffuser. There’s no way I could have taken photos in there with my D3000 otherwise, it was pretty dark.

  2. Raquel Nichols

    I think we can also start the tradition of having Chili for Supper. The one you put together was delicious!

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