The Whistling Wind

The wind certainly whistles around the corners of our apartment building on those cold days, making cheeks and ears glow red. Last week we made sure all of the storm windows were closed and we’ve been mostly cozy in our little apartment. The beautiful red leaves from the Virginia Creeper that covers almost the entire courtyard side of the building have fallen and been swept away, leaving just the bare vines and blank yellow brick.

We’re getting ready for Thanksgiving this week. I’m not cooking like I have done in past years, except we are in charge of appetizers and extra drinks. Of course things are still just a little busy around the holidays, no matter how much I simplify. I really feel like it’s really the good kind of bustling busy, though. We were unable to make it out to my husband’s family reunion Thanksgiving, he has school on the Wednesday and a paper due. As well as the pain of traveling long distance with a potty training 4 year old. We are instead having Thanksgiving with our neighbour, the back doors to our apartments open opposite one another and we’ll be propping the doors open, sharing kitchens, going back and forth. It should be a lot of fun, Mikey is going to be making some little crafts to go on the table.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Don’t forget!

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