Weekend Reading

A couple more of the photographs I took while wandering in the rain, these I didn’t think we’re brown enough to make the cut for Friday’s blog post… but perhaps the scenes are still pretty enough to share, despite the fact that it’s not particularly rainy here today.

I’ve been unbelievably lucky this past week, winning both tickets to see a play at the Chicago Children’s Theatre and also a Photography Competition over at ClickinMoms. The play that I won tickets to is Goodnight Moon the Musical, and we’re going to see it today (Sunday afternoon). I’ve been looking forward to it! The photography competition at Clickinmoms was for photos taken on the ClickinWalk back in October, I placed for the Grand Prize in the Best Person Category! (Scroll down to Best Person Category to see my photo, of the police at the Occupy Chicago March) So very exciting and unexpected!

Last Friday, 11/11/11, Mikey and I also ventured into the city for The Beckoning of Lovely. You should watch the film on the website, although the one we attended was filmed it is yet to be put up… but the feature film is there and it’s wonderful. We waited with lots of other people, we didn’t know, at Cloud Gate/The Bean in Chicago for Amy Krouse Rosenthal to turn up with her yellow umbrella. Mikey and I couldn’t stay for the entire time as we had to get back, but we were there for long enough to listen awhile, chase some pigeons and sing happy birthday to strangers. I have photos, but have yet to get them from my camera and onto the computer.

What I’ve been Reading this Week:

This post on Breaking the Rulez in Photography by Jessica Ceason, a photographer whose work I really admire.

This entire blog, Simply Stardust, that I found via a Pinterest hair style tutorial. Such beautiful photos and lovely words.

The very sweet Box of Love project for children to make, from Lasso the Moon.

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about writing lately. Especially after a conversation I had with Kristi of Live and Love Out Loud, wherein I complained that I don’t write like I used to because I don’t feel as though I know where my blog is going anymore. This year I’ve concentrated a whole lot on my photos, and feel as though I’ve really improved in that respect but I also feel like my writing may have suffered a little because of that. I think that I’d really like to get back to writing more, along with the photos still of course. On that note though, this is absolutely worth reading, The Courage to Write: 23 quotes to help you overcome the fear of writing, from A Beautiful Ripple Effect.

The Shades of Autumn Challenge is still going on, we’re currently accepting entries for the colour brown, so don’t forget to stop by and link up! Join us again on Thursday for our Top Pics of the Week and then again on Friday for the next colour, White.

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend.


  1. Thanks for sharing the Box of Love Project Rebecca! I noticed your note about your blogs direction. Have you ever read the book The Art of Non-conformity? It is thought provoking. I highly recommend it if you are feeling a big {blah} or lost about where you want to take your blog writing. It is a really quick read. Cheers!
    Zina :: Let’s Lasso the Moon´s last post ..Must-Have Educational Apps

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