Walking on a Sunny Morning

We’ve been having some beautiful Autumn weather, bright sunshine with a cool crisp breeze. My favourite kind of weather and perfect for doing outdoor projects with Mikey, so long as we dodge the odd shower of rain. We like to walk up and down the streets of our neighbourhood to see what we can find. There has been quite a lot of construction going on recently, which Mikey loves to stop and watch. I’ve been involving him in the Shades of Autumn Challenge too, each time we go out we try and see what different colours we can find and this week he’s been helping me with the purple theme. We also practice our numbers and letters on various street signs and things that we see.

We’re trying to get as much outside time as we can, this will be our first winter in Chicago and I’ve heard that the weather could deteriorate fairly rapidly once winter hits us. And because we don’t have a backyard, outside time is always a trek or a long adventure to the park or just wandering around different streets. That will be more difficult once the cold weather arrives, although we’re quite prepared and have already pulled out our big winter coats, as well as our hats, gloves and scarves.

Don’t Forget, the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge is still happening! We’re currently accepting entries for the colour red and have had so many beautiful photographs entered so far! Stop by on Thursday to see our Top Pics of the Week, you can also check out the past Top Pics of the Week for Green, Yellow and Orange!

Finally, the next colour challenge opens for entries on Friday November 4th. The colour theme will be purple and we’d love to have you all take part!

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  1. Oh I love those photos of him with the sidewalk fading off in the distance. Great use of leading lines! Since I’m in Austin, we don’t get much of a fall here… it’s nice to see your photos. The leaf shot is so pretty!
    Holly Thompson´s last post ..Happy Halloween!

  2. I LOVE the first picture of the leaves on the ground! It almost feels magical! I love the colors in all of them. Isn’t fall the greatest!

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