Weekend Reading

Some painting we did with watercolours earlier in the week. Mikey chose himself the same colours as the leaves he’d collected last week, I mixed the watercolours and soaked the paper before we headed out to the back porch to paint in the sunshine. We tried at drawing with a white crayon on the paper first, so the Mikey could see where the paint wouldn’t soak in, in the pattern that he’d drawn. He also tried a variety of brushes, so we could see how each brush stroke spread out the paint differently, the wet paper causing the colours to bleed together beautifully.

What I’ve been Reading This Week:

Back in September, we gave Mikey a camera for his birthday. My old point and shoot camera that I no longer use. We’ve been teaching him how to take care of it properly and how to use it. I didn’t want to get him one of the cameras designed for kids because I haven’t been impressed with the picture quality, I want him to be able to see the photos he’s taken look good. He seems to have got the hang of it, although we still get a few photos with fingers in them where he’s forgotten. We’re going to be using the camera for different scavenger hunts together, then he’ll choose a few to get printed and we’ll put them in a photo album. There’s some great advice on teaching young children to use a camera here, Teaching Photography to a Five Year Old on Pixiq. There’s also an entire photo section on National Geographic Kids where kids can upload their photos and look at the photos others have taken. He adores being able to take pictures like mummy.

An article about Raising Boys who Want to Read from No Time for Flash Cards. Mikey loves to read, sometimes. That is, if he can stay still for long enough. It can be difficult to hold his attention.

And some crafty things, 10 Ways to Make a Garland from A Beautiful Mess. If only mine would look that good! But I’m thinking that these would be lovely for Christmas decorations. Also a Rosette Bracelet Tutorial from Sew Craft Create, because it’s just so pretty!

Finally, the Shades of Autumn Challenge is still going on! This week’s theme colour is red and we already have so many beautiful entries! There’s still time to link up if you have some red photos for the theme! We’ll be showcasing some of our red favourites on Thursday and then the new colour theme, purple, begins on Friday.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


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