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My parents leave for their return trip to England on Sunday afternoon, after staying with us in Chicago for three weeks. The above are some of the last few photos I have to post from our little day trips during their visit. We went to Navy Pier on a day when the weather was much nicer than it is today, and my dad, Mikey, and I went up in the ferris wheel to see the beautiful view of the Chicago Skyline.

We will all be sad to see my parents leave, it’s been wonderful having them here to stay for so long after not seeing them since August of last year when Mikey and I took our long trip to England. It’s hard now, living so far away. At least when we lived in Germany the distance wasn’t so great and we were able to visit a lot more frequently. But perhaps the time will fly and we will see them again before we know it.

What I’ve Been Reading This Week:

I’ve been browsing through all of your beautiful photos for the Shades of Autumn Challenge colour for the week both in the linky and on the Pinterest Board, and wow have you really outdone yourselves. Some of you have said that you found yellow quite difficult, but I wouldn’t know it by looking at the outstanding photographs so far this week from each and every one of you!

Some basics in crochet from do you mind if I knit. Learning to crochet is my aim for this autumn I think. I’m left handed so these things seem to take me a little longer to master, but I might try doing it right handed first to see if I can, because really that would make life much easier! We have to make things difficult by being a left handed family, my husband is also left handed and Mikey looks to be leaning in that direction too.

From Clickinmoms, Photoshop Friday | Masking Made Simple. A great refresher on masking, and tips for those who haven’t used it before. Also Color by Kelvin: A Better Approach to White Balance… it drives me crazy that my camera wont let me dial in a Kelvin white balance, but most other cameras have this option.

A sweet article on how Outdoor Play Develops Teamwork, from Let the Children Play.

And two recipes this week that sound absolutely amazingly delicious, it’s really cooling down now so I can finally use my oven again to do some baking! Caramel Stuffed Apple Cider Cookies from Scrambled Henfruit and Pumpkin Crunch Cake from The Picky Apple.

Hmm, now I just have to start looking for some ideas for carving the beautiful pumpkin we picked up on Friday (and some recipes for the left over pumpkin we’ll have) Hope you are all having a great weekend xx



  1. The link to white balance was REALLY helpful and enlightening. It’s slow going but I’m delving deeper into the inner workings of my camera. Of course, once I master something I find there is always something else to learn. 🙂 Anyway, thank you for posting the link!

    • I think if you ever stop learning then the passion is gone, even the best will admit they still learn new things all the time 🙂 that’s most of the fun isn’t it?

      Custom White balance was a huge “ah ha” moment for me, even if I still have to set mine using a card instead of doing it by temperature. My Nikon shoots quite cool, so it’s helped me a lot 🙂

  2. I love love love your chicago skyline shots.. So pretty.

    And caramel apple cider cookies.. uhm YUM! 😀 Thank you for sharing the crochet and knit info as well!
    Jodi Hall´s last post ..Cloudy Monday…

    • Don’t those cookies look amazing?! I can’t wait to make them, have to go hunting for the ingredients soon 🙂

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