Weekend Reading

A few more photographs from our trip to Lincoln Park Zoo earlier in the week, photos from the Nature Boardwalk and some beautiful cows from the ‘Farm-in-the-zoo’. I’ve found myself starting to get behind in my photo editing, I’ve taken so many over the past few weeks with my parents being here!  As much as I quite enjoy editing, it can get tedious after the 50th photograph or so. I’ve still got some photos from our day at Navy Pier earlier in the week to edit and even more from the wonderful Clickinmoms Chicago ClickinWalk that was on Saturday afternoon!

What I’ve been reading this week:

Not many this week because I’ve honestly not been at my computer a whole lot, and when I have I’ve been busy with other things!

5 introductory activities for the Montessori Newbie, from Modern Parents Messy Kids (It might be fairly obvious by now that I love this blog!)
Printable Children’s Scavenger Hunt, from Smashed Peas and Carrots. I love this idea, we gave Mikey his very first camera for his birthday last week (um, he loves it! I’ll share some of his photos soon, thinking of making a separate sub-page for them) and we’re going to start taking it on little scavenger hunts around the city.

I’ve been having such a wonderful time browsing through all of the entries linked up for the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge this week, you’re really such a talented and creative group of people! The linky is open until Wednesday, so you still have plenty of time to link up if you haven’t done already. This week’s colour theme is Green and Alicia, Kristi and I will be showcasing some of our favourites next Thursday, so I hope you’ll stop by then too.


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