Red [Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge]

We spent a sunny, but cold, Monday morning walking around our neighbourhood in Chicago. We were on the hunt for leaves to be used in an art project, and of course red things to take photographs of. There were plenty of fallen leaves to be found, the streets lit up with rich browns, sunny yellows and fiery oranges on almost every tree. But red? That was a little more difficult. Mikey helped me as part of his art project, to find things that were red and pointed them out gleefully when he spotted them. We saw some red bicycles, a red scooter, red stop signs, as well as the red door and pillars outside our local Buddhist Temple. But the sun was shining, I wanted to find some red leaves!

Nearing the end of our search, we turned a corner to find a row of beautifully red bushes lining a small parking lot. Further down the same street was a stunning red-leafed tree, our search was over. I snapped a few photographs, as Mikey collected some of the already fallen leaves and put them into his bag to take home for his art project.

When we arrived back home, we ate some lunch, made some tea and then pulled out the art materials. After our red obsession in the morning, Mikey chose red paper to glue his leaves onto and once he was set up he carefully painted one side of each leaf with glue and pressed them onto his red paper. Sorting the leaves and choosing the colours out on the back porch in the sunshine was a lovely way to spend our afternoon.

I’m so happy to hear all of your feedback about the Challenge, it sounds like you’re having just as much fun taking part as we are! Yesterday Kristi, Alicia and I shared some of our favourites from last weeks colour, orange. Don’t forget to take a look!

I’m teaming up with the lovely and talented Kristi of Live and Love Out Loud and Alicia of Project Alicia for the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge – a colorfully inspiring autumn photography challenge aimed at capturing the beautiful shades of autumn.

Just a few details:

All are welcome regardless of experience, time commitment and whether or not you’re experiencing fall at the moment.

Simply share your favorite images inspired by the autumn shade of the week each Friday and grab our button while you’re at it.

The linky will remain open from 12:01am CST Friday – 11:59pm CST Wednesday. Link directly to your Shades of Autumn blog post or Flickr photo. Feel free to share your photos in our Shades of Autumn Flickr Group as well and don’t forget to follow our Shades of Autumn Pinterest board if you haven’t already!

We’ll select our favorite photos of the week and share them with you at Bumbles & Light, Project Alicia and Live and Love Out Loud the following Thursday.

Next week’s theme will be purple. For a complete list of upcoming themes, head on over to the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge page.


  1. delighted to be taking part in your wonderful challenge, it’s becoming my friday lunchtime ritual! You’re absolutely right, I truly am having just as much fun as you (but I don’t have to do the hard work, phew!). Looking forward to browsing all the lovely reds this week ;0)
    little macaroon´s last post ..shades of autumn: red

  2. Beautiful captures – particularly like the third one down, and also the leaves against the blue sky.

  3. I enjoy every moment witnessing the beauty of this corner and it is truly amazing how photographers tend to end up to something captivating and refreshing art like this.

  4. Love the reds in all of your diptychs, and what a great leaf artist! Love how deliberate his actions look in the photo. Such fun!
    Susan´s last post ..Shades of Red

  5. Your 4th picture is to die for. Seriously I was so entranced and delighted by that picture. Well done!


  6. Bek

    I love your craft activity! It looks like something my little one could do with his crafty-challenged mommy;)
    Bek´s last post ..Burning Bush

  7. These are so great, Rebecca! I especially love the reds in the 2nd and 4th set as well as the photos of Mikey working diligently on his art project. Speaking of Mikey, what a great way to get some learning in and some help with our challenge as well. I think I’m going to need to recruit my kids for next week’s theme.
    Kristi {at} Live and Love Out Loud´s last post ..Red {Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge}

  8. Great shots! I love how your reds are vibrant yet dreamy. Such a stunning combination – makes me wanna look over and over again!

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