Orange [Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge]

My parents left to return to England on Sunday after their three week stay with us in Chicago. Just as the colder, rainy weather began to move in, making the days dark and our nights spent listening to the pitter-patter of icy rain against the apartment windows. Mikey and I have been spending our week indoors, wearing cozy socks and catching up on some forgotten books from our bookshelves. Watching through the windows as the wind blows the newly-changed red leaves from the outside walls of our apartment building down into the courtyard below.

There’s something about the colour orange that I love, especially this time of year. It’s warm and comforting, bright enough that you can get lost in it entirely and forget all about the cold wind howling outside. An orange sweater makes me feel as though I’m all wrapped up in a warm glow, orange books on the table beside my chair are inviting me to sit with a warm cup of tea and read a while. The pumpkin that my parents bought for Mikey while they were here looks just like a Cinderella pumpkin as it sits waiting to be carved. It seems almost a shame to carve it.

In case you missed it, Alicia, Kristi and I shared a few of our favourites from the theme yellow yesterday, we’d love it if you’d take a look!

I’m teaming up with the lovely and talented Kristi of Live and Love Out Loud and Alicia of Project Alicia for the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge – a colorfully inspiring autumn photography challenge aimed at capturing the beautiful shades of autumn.

Just a few details:

All are welcome regardless of experience, time commitment and whether or not you’re experiencing fall at the moment.

Simply share your favorite images inspired by the autumn shade of the week each Friday and grab our button while you’re at it.

The linky will remain open from 12:01am CST Friday – 11:59pm CST Wednesday. Link directly to your Shades of Autumn blog post or Flickr photo. Feel free to share your photos in our Shades of Autumn Flickr Group as well and don’t forget to follow our Shades of Autumn Pinterest board if you haven’t already!

We’ll select our favorite photos of the week and share them with you at Bumbles & Light, Project Alicia and Live and Love Out Loud the following Thursday.

Next week’s theme will be red. For a complete list of upcoming themes, head on over to the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge page. I’m so looking forward to seeing what you all come up with this week!


  1. Hi lovely ladies! I found orange TRICKY this week (so I slightly cheated by supplementing with a couple of 2010 pics – hope you don’t mind!!) Looking forward to snooping round all the links. x
    little macaroon´s last post ..shades of autumn: orange

    • Loved your photos! Orange was pretty hard for us too, hardly any orange leaves in my neighbourhood at the time of taking these, of course there are plenty now that I don’t need them!

  2. Absolutely love the self portraits, wonderfully done. I am with you on the color orange in the autumn, so very nicely expressed. Thank You.
    Lauri´s last post ..Apple Cider

    • Thank you! I never used to be a big fan of the colour, but I think I’ve really come to love it recently 🙂

  3. Your “Orange Duo” is quite clever – and certainly beautiful. I like your self-portraits. It’s so nice to have an image in mind when conversing with someone over the internet.

  4. I like your photographs, you look so real and I love that! You’re Beautiful!

    “……..wearing cozy socks and catching up on some forgotten books from our bookshelves. Watching through the windows as the wind blows the newly-changed red leaves from the outside walls of our apartment building down into the courtyard below.”

    LOVE THAT!!! Barefoot Mama, TX
    barefootmama´s last post ..A gift from Mother Nature..

    • Thank you 🙂 There are not a great many colours that I can pull off well, luckily for the orange challenge week, orange is one of the few that actually looks ok on me. Normally I stick to black or grey!

  5. May

    for all the hostesses…
    I just have to say how much I appreciate you hosting this challenge and sharing your knowledge. I am gleefully posting my little point and shoot pics and then visiting site after site attempting to soak up all the know how I can. Even though my shots can’t compare to others’ the challenge has me looking at the world more closely and experimenting with my camera more. What a joy! Thanks for giving me the opportunity!
    May´s last post ..Orange You Glad Its Fall?

    • Thank you so much for taking part! It’s all of you that are making this challenge so much fun, we truly love looking through each and every photo. xx

  6. Great orange finds. I love curling up with a good book in the fall, warm fire, hot tea or chocolate sounds lovely. Love your selfies as well, the light is amazing!
    Susan´s last post ..HalloWine Fun!

  7. You look lovely in orange. I was thinking about book covers too, then went for the pumpkins. These are wonderful. And visiting back since last night, looking at all the orange link ups, it is the prettiest collection of thumbnails ever!
    Stasha´s last post ..Made on, tried and tested

    • You’re right, the thumbnails look stunning 🙂 But of course not as beautiful as each and every blog post linked up! I get excited every week about how good the thumbnails look too 🙂

    • Thank you! I fell in love with that tree and fence as soon as I saw it at the Lincoln Park Zoo! I actually took altogether too many photos of it just to try my hardest to do it justice. In person though it just looked stunning, as though the tree were on fire.

  8. This is such a fun challenge and link up. I love the fall and have been enjoying everyone’s interpretations of the colour themes. I like the stack of orange books – I’m a bit of a bookaholic.
    Cookie’s Mom´s last post ..Shades of Autumn: Orange

    • We’ve been enjoying everyone’s interpretations too! It’s really amazing how many completely different but equally beautiful photos you all can get from the same colour prompt!

      As for the books, I confess I’m a bookaholic too. I had to donate some recently because we were running out of shelving space, I was surprised at how many I had with orange covers though!

  9. I am now very tempted to go out and purchase a orange sweater for the winter months. The color compliments your skin tones, and your self portraits are so very real. I adored this post and every single capture. I feel the same about this fall. It has been cold and wet, but the color is keeping me warm, too.


    • Thank you so much!

      (psst, the sweater is from Forever 21 and it was only $11.50! You should totally go out and get one, it’s my new favourite sweater!)

    • Oh it’s fine, don’t worry about it! Thanks for letting us know 🙂

      We love looking around at all the photos too, wonderful to see autumn through so many different eyes.

    • Thank you so much 🙂

      (psst, the sweater is from Forever 21 and it was only $11.50! It’s my new favourite sweater)

    • The weather has been a little kinder to us since I wrote this, we’ve had a sunny few days! I think it’s going to get cold again soon though.

      I couldn’t resist the book, he’s one of my favourite poets AND the cover was orange. It couldn’t get any luckier 🙂

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