Green [Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge]

As the day to begin the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge began to draw closer, I was worried that I wasn’t going to ever find something green that was interesting enough to take a photograph of. But when you walk around with a camera, you eventually learn to train yourself and fine-tune your eyes to notice little things that you may not have noticed before. Of course, most of the leaves are still green and the grass in our part of the world is green… it’s a colour that we end up taking for granted all summer until it gradually fades with the cold winter weather and we find ourselves wishing it back again with all our might come Springtime.

I took my camera along with us when my parents (who are visiting from England at the moment) Mikey and I took a trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Mikey was wearing a green shirt, which was actually unintentional but ended up working beautifully. The water that the penguins were swimming in at the zoo had a green hue to it too, and then the day after our little zoo trip we spent the day outside, in the beautiful weather at a nearby park with a picnic. Plenty of green and so many beautiful shades, I might not even have really paid attention to it otherwise.

I’m excited to announce that I’m teaming up with the lovely and talented Kristi of Live and Love Out Loud and Alicia of Project Alicia for the brand new Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge – a colorfully inspiring autumn photography challenge aimed at capturing the beautiful shades of autumn.

Just a few details:

All are welcome regardless of experience, time commitment and whether or not you’re experiencing fall at the moment.

Simply share your favorite images inspired by the autumn shade of the week each Friday and grab our button while you’re at it.

At least 50% of your image must contain the color of the week; the autumn shade being the main focus of your photo. Selective coloring discouraged.

The linky will remain open from 12:01am CST Friday – 11:59pm CST Wednesday. Link directly to your Shades of Autumn blog post or Flickr photo. Feel free to share your photos in our Shades of Autumn Flickr Group as well.

We’ll select our favorite photos of the week and share them with you at Bumbles & Light, Project Alicia and Live and Love Out Loud the following Thursday.

Next week’s theme will be yellow. For a complete list of upcoming themes, head on over to the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge page.


    • Oh I love them too, I wish I could have some in my house as well but I can never manage to keep them alive!

      I’m loving how many awesome photos we have so far, very exciting!

  1. Really excited to be taking part in Shades of Autumn. I love that last action shot of your wee boy kicking his ball – it’s super.

    • Thank you, we’ve been having some busy but fun-filled days while my parents are here… will be sad to see them leave.

  2. Those are all lovely including Mikey in his green shirt and oh what a wee penguin shot and a beautiful avenue of trees. I’m sure your little one is delighted to have his grandparents visiting.

    • Oh he is beyond thrilled to have them here, he hasn’t seen them since August of last year when we visited England.

      You know, I was so bothered that those penguin shots would turn out (seriously, I must’ve taken 50 of the same penguin!) but it ended up being the not-so-technically-good ones that I liked best 🙂

  3. What a beautiful set of green photos, love the light in them all. Those photos of penguins through the glass are fantastic, Thank you for hosting this inspiring challenge. Just what I need right now.
    Claire´s last post ..Shades of Autumn – green

    • Thank you so much!

      I think I needed a good challenge too, I’ve been a little blah with my blogging and photography of late. Now I’m feeling so inspired after going through everyone’s photos in the linky 🙂

  4. ooooooooh i really wanted to do this challenge! maybe i shouldn’t since i’m behind on my other challenge right now. lol. your pics are absolutely gorgeous. 🙂

    • Thank you!

      You can take part whenever you like! I wont notice if you have to skip a few 😉 and remember if you still want to take part in this week’s then the linky will be staying open until Wednesday!

    • Yes, I’m quite surprised more of ours haven’t changed. There are the odd few trees that are beautiful shades of yellows and golds but most of them are still green!

  5. That near by park is picturesque and you captured everything beautifully. I’m especially fond of the street/bench diptych. Just breath taking.


    • Thank you! We’re very lucky to live so close to such a pretty park in the middle of the city 🙂

  6. May

    I am so excited about this challenge. Though I have to say that looking at your beautiful shots and thinking of my point and shoot shots made me swallow hard before linking!
    May´s last post ..It’s Not Easy Being Green

  7. I just love trees and you have really captured some nice ones. Thanks for putting on such nice photo challenge. I look forward to snapping some great autumn photos.
    Holly´s last post ..Shades of Autumn – Green

  8. What a lovely series of shots. What a fabulous challenge – having a great time seeing all this green.
    Lauri´s last post ..Gourd

  9. Thank you so much for this challenge! Not only you forced me out in this rainy weather (my little dog says thanks), but I enjoy seeing all thos stunning pics. Love the penguins,… they seem so vulnerable yet so strong at the same time!
    Meyser´s last post ..Shades of Autumn : Green

  10. I love greens and what a beautiful series of shots you have…I am going to follow you.

  11. I love all your photos…so inspirational! I especially love that first one…such a sweet little boy, and a perfect example of leading lines 🙂

    I’m a bit curious of your profile name “satakieli”…now, I’m not Finnish speaking (living in a Swedish speaking part of the country), but I think it loosely translates into “a hundred languages” (but, in 2 words and slightly different spelling to make it grammatically correct). In case you didn’t know about it, I thought it might be a fun little fact for you given your wanderlust 😉

    And, thanks for your kindness at my place. I’m looking forward to next week’s colour!
    Tezzie´s last post ..Scavenging Again

    • Thanks Tezzie!

      I was told that the translation means “one hundred tongue” and is also the Finnish word for the Nightingale bird. I actually chose the name back when I was in college, I was a literature major and very interested in words of all kinds. That was years ago and the screen name still stuck!

  12. These are such amazing photos…I truly see that I have a lot to learn from this photo community…my photos seem a little amateur compared to some of these other entries…but then again that is why we post…so we can learn and develop our skills.

  13. Satakieli, Thanks for stopping by to say hello and for inviting me to the yellow theme next week. I will try. I love your Mikey…he reminds me of my youngest twin son at that age. Very precious. We love Britain and All of the continent…just got back from a month trip there one year ago this month. My father is from Holland, and we went back to visit his home and family 🙂 Bless your family!

  14. You’ve captured this color so well. But I would expect nothing less from you. Beautiful images!

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