Weekend Reading

A few photographs from the Baby Shower that I decorated for (and photographed) last weekend. I had a lot of fun coming up with ideas for decorating, and collected them on a Pinterest board here if you’re interested!

I noted on the Bumbles & Light facebook page a few days ago that I’m often finding things online that I’d like to share, but my goldfish brain means that I generally forget about these things by the time I could be getting around to posting them. So why not have a weekend reading post every week where I can collect everything together?

It’s going to be a mixture of things I’m interested in, so mostly photography, parenting, cooking, design & art. With a few other things thrown in for good measure.

What I’ve been reading this week:

Preserving Autumn: Pizza Sauce three ways from Simple Bites, which I used to make some pasta sauce this week with some lovely home grown tomatoes from my in-law’s backyard.
It’s Always Ourselves We Find in the Sea from Lisa Lucky, some beautiful vacation photographs. A real inspiration.
DIY Creativity Center from Modern Parents Messy Kids, I’m working on setting up something similar in our little apartment. I just love it!
Everything over at Daydream Lily, because I’m smitten.
The Pee Dance from Crappy Pictures, because we’re potty training (urgh) and wow is this lady funny. You really need to read all of the posts.
Top 10 myths about introverts
, because I am one and this rings so true.

I’ve come down with a cold, which of course is typical as I was looking forward to attending the Ravenswood Remix recycled art fair with my new neighbour this weekend. Perhaps I’ll still be able to make it on Sunday, in between snuffling and snuggling under blankets (because thankfully the heat we had late in the week seems to have dissipated by now).

I’d love it if any of you have any interesting reading or links to share with me this weekend in the comments. It can be from your own site or elsewhere on the web. I look forward to reading them, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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