Weekend Reading

I decided to try and play around with my camera indoors. Anyone who has used the camera that I have will know that it’s not particularly good at taking photographs in low light, it gets noisy at high ISO and can generally be a pain without a speedlight. I thought I’d play around with some settings to see if I could take some good photographs inside the apartment, the light was pretty good in the living room/Mikey’s toy area on Wednesday evening. I bumped my ISO to 800, which is the highest I can go and is usually pretty noisy. I shot wide open, which is 1.4 on my 50mm. Normally it’s pretty difficult to nail focus at 1.4, and even if I get the focus right it’ll never be as sharp, but it was perfect for letting in enough light to actually be able to take a half decent photograph indoors so I just kind of went with it. The above photographs are what I got, they’re still pretty noisy but at f/1.4 I could at least get the exposure correct and I’m pretty pleased with them. Perhaps I’ll start doing a little more shooting indoors.

In the bottom right photograph, Mikey told me that he was going to hide and that I should “take picture! take photo!” of him hiding. So there it is, he’s hiding behind his hand. Also, his toy area really isn’t usually quite that messy, but in the process of having his photo taken he unloaded his entire toy basket onto the floor, instructing me to take photos of each item and then asking to see the picture on the LCD screen.

What I’ve been reading this Week:

A detailed guide to photographing fall foliage from The Photo Argus. Great tips and stunning accompanying photographs, also a great read to get you prepared for the upcoming Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge!

We Give Books. I think this is just amazing. Read kids books online with your children and for every book you read online they will donate a book to a campaign of your choosing from their website. They have six campaigns to choose from, including Now You’re Thinking for military families and Read for Chicago Public Schools.

This recipe for Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte from Loves Veggies and Yoga and also these Apple Cider Donuts from Smitten Kitchen. Yum.

Some more kids crafts too. These DIY Windchimes from Hands on: As we Grow look like a whole lot of fun, not sure my neighbours would appreciate the noise though. A whole collection of Autumn Crafts from Disney Family Fun. Finally, a finger painting autumn hand print tree from A Little Tipsy.

We’re heading out to the Lincoln Square Apple Fest this weekend, and then getting the apartment ready for when my parents arrive for a visit on Monday. Are any of you up to anything interesting? I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Sarah

    Have a great weekend! I wish we had an apple fest to attend!

    I will be excited to share activities like the ones you mentioned with Elijah when he is a little older.

    And by the way, great job shooting at such a wide aperture setting!!

  2. Thanks for the mention about my pumpkins spice latte.

    Your photography is gorgeous and I don’t think your photos are noisy, at all!

    I am off to look around your blog…b/c your pics have drawn me in 🙂

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