Weekend Reading

I’ve been having a lot of fun collecting up ideas for different activities to do with Mikey for our different projects this Autumn. Lots of painting, making of things and fun to be had over the next few weeks. As well as the cleaning and organizing I’ve been doing in the apartment, we’re still purging a lot of clutter that we accumulated while my husband was in the Army. It feels good to let it go.

What I’ve been Reading this Week:

The Foodgawker search page for butternut squash. I have two lovely butternut squash given to me by my brother in-law and it’s so hard deciding what to make with them, there are so many yummy looking choices. I do love winter squash!

The Joy of Scarcity from Zen Habits.
Discardia, better living through letting go.

Photography bits and bobs at Photography Concentrate, and some freebies.

Behind the Scenes Story from ShutterSisters (and my photos was the daily click there last Friday too!)

End of Summer Reflections from The Organic Sister.

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