The leaves are starting to change

I had a good idea, as Autumn began approaching and the leaves began to change, that I would soon forget about my recent little foray into black and white. I think that when we were in Germany this time last year, the leaves had already begun to change quite rapidly by this time of year, as it’s my first year in Chicago I still need to get used to the rhythm of the seasons in this part of the world.

Mikey and I ventured out on Monday, despite the impending threat of rain, to explore a few streets of our neighbourhood and to see how the leaves were changing colour.

The nature garden at one of our nearby parks (where I took some macro’s last month) was still filled with flowers and bugs, so we spent time time inspecting the trails for them. The park was almost empty because of the black cloud hanging overhead, although it never actually rained, but hung over us and just threatened menacingly. Mikey found a honey bee and followed it along the path as it buzzed lazily from flower to flower. We watched some tiny birds eating seeds spilled onto the path by large, droopy flower heads, and of course found a few large spiders scurrying amongst the undergrowth too.

We made our way back home, collecting a few leaves that had already browned and fallen and jumping in the odd puddle left by the previous day’s rain. I think Mikey might need to start using his own bag to collect things in, because as it is I now have a bag with various leaves and rocks lining the bottom.

We ate a snack when we got home, and after that did a few pages of a preschool workbook (not an affiliate link). We recently bought a few of these workbooks and I adore their simplicity, Mikey loves them too. After the workbook we did some painting with hand prints, which is quite a big deal for a little boy who does not like to get his hands messy. He was a little hesitant at first, but soon got into it and we ended with paper spread all over our work desk, covered with joyful hand prints and left so that the paint could dry.

It’s nice to think, that in a few years we will become just as comfortable with this neighbourhood as we were with the area that we lived in for 3 years back in Germany. I still find myself a little confused by the street names here on occasion, they are laid out so differently from what I’m used to in Europe, and sometimes difficult for me to work out where I need to go. Mikey seems to be getting very good at recognising the streets and is very interested in different street signs, so I suppose that we’ll work it out together on our little exploring adventures.


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  1. I have lived in Chicagoland for over 20 years, and I still don’t know my way around Chicago. I have my hubby drive, and if he is not there I need my GPS. 🙂 BTW beautiful captures.

  2. Great to see you still say Autumn and I love hearing about the differences between Europe and the States from a fellow Brit. Looking at your photos they could have been taken here, it’s hard to believe you are thousands of miles away. i’d love to see those street signs you talk of. Happy autumn. Rebecca
    Rebecca Spencer´s last post ..Apple Tree Boy

    • The grid always confuses me… because I forget where one block ends and another starts I suppose. It’s almost as if it makes a little too much sense, and then there will be some street running diagonally to throw me off! I’m much more used to the little windy city streets of Europe 🙂

  3. I remember my first time in Chicago by myself. I thought I would go crazy. 🙂 Since when are you living there? You´ve lived in Germany? Where about? I´m from Germany. 🙂
    I´m a new follower and I´m here for the second time. You have a great blog and I think you take such beautiful photos!!! It´s just so nice to look at them! Your little boy is very cute. How does he like pre school?
    Have a great WW!
    Verena´s last post ..Wordless/Wordful Wednesday: Where did the Spider go…???

    • Hi and thank you so much 🙂

      We moved to Chicago back in March of this year, so we haven’t been here long. When we lived in Germany we lived in Heidelberg, such a beautiful city!… I am from England originally, although my husband was actually born in Chicago so he knows it a lot better than I do.

      Mikey has been doing some preschool work at home because the waiting list is too long here to get him into one nearby. He’s been having a blast though with all the activities we’ve been doing and I feel like he’s learned quite a bit already 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Love these. The leaves look amazing. We dont’ get a real fall in Texas. I miss it! Thanks for sharing, since I probably won’t see one!!!
    Gretchen WIllis´s last post ..Day 262

  5. Beautiful shots! I love that top one! It’s always hard to get use to a new area…just give it time, venturing out and about helps too!

  6. Hope

    Such beautiful autumn. Colors. Id love to visit Chicago and or Europe one day!

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