A while back I asked Annie if she would model for me so that I could do some more portrait practice. After all, taking photos of the same subject all of the time gets a little boring… even if he is a cutie. Annie has known my husband for much longer than I have, they were firm friends before we met and now I’m so very happy that she’s a wonderful friend to all of us, Mikey included. She was great as a model too, even though I didn’t know what on earth I was doing! The weather the day we scheduled to meet ended up being cloudier than I’d expected, so by the time we’d scheduled to meet had come around we began losing light fairly quickly. I managed to take these few shots and think they turned out pretty well, despite the failing light (and my poor direction!) We’ll have to get together again when I have my ideas for a shoot more thoroughly straightened out in my head.

It was my birthday on Tuesday of this week, I turned twenty six. Although this year it turned out that both Mikey and I were sick on my birthday, so all festivities were postponed until we’re all feeling better. Instead we all spent the day on the couch, snuffling and watching old movies together. Our wonderful neighbour made a delicious dinner for us that night so that I didn’t have to cook while sick. So despite the illness it wasn’t too bad of a birthday. I’m looking forward to being able to redeem my birthday treats when we’re feeling better (especially when I know that brunch at a nearby bakery is on the cards).

I’ll be sure to check back in again when I’m feeling better! I hope you all have a great week.


  1. Laura

    Lovely photos as always!
    Happy Birthday for Tuesday, so sorry you were sick – hope you feel better soon though 🙂 x

  2. Lucy K.

    Your background is fantastic, what a great place for pictures. And your friend looks like she was enjoying it. Great pictures!

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