Native Gardens

One of our nearby parks has a native prairie habitat. It is beautiful to walk around and you find yourself forgetting that you’re in the city as you watch the flowers and leaves blow in the breeze, squirrels chase one another up and down trees, and all kinds of birds and insects.

I took a long walk on Monday afternoon, alone with my macro lens to take photographs in the park. The above photographs are all shot with manual focus too, my macro lens doesn’t have autofocus when used with my particular camera.

The mood is of a lazy summer, now the heat has burned off some and we’re left with a wonderful cool breeze flowing through the apartment. Sadly in juxtaposition to the violence and unrest happening in my home country of England these past few days.

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  1. Beautiful shots, I’m longing for a macro lens but don’t know where to go to find out more about them… I’ve heard there are quite good macro attatchents that are much cheaper than the full lens but need to find out more.

    My Sweet Shot Tuesday post seems in direct contrast to the carnage happenning in my old home of Hackney too. From the distance it looks like the apocalypse. It’s totally incomprehensible.

    Love your blog, just away to add it to my blogroll… ;0)

    • I was glued to the news for a few days. I can barely believe it.

      As for the macro lens, I’ve seen people use the extension tubes to take good macro shots so maybe worth looking into!

  2. Those pics are so crisp and clear! I wish we had more bees to pollinate our garden.

  3. These pictures are amazeballs! My fiance has a “nice” camera and I really wish I knew how to use it besides in auto.

    I love your blog’s color scheme too, btw!

  4. Rebecca, these shots are fantastic! I can certainly appreciate having to focus manually with a lens that’s not compatible with your particular camera model. I have the same problem with my 50mm f/1.8. It can be particularly difficult when photographing kids who don’t keep still! But back to your photos…you rocked it!

    • Thanks Kristi! My macro lens is thankfully the only one I have to focus manually with… I’ve taken quite a few photos of Mikey with it though and you’re right, it’s difficult to photograph small, fast children!

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