Adventures under the el train tracks

I realised that I took these photographs last week and have yet to share them with you, save for a couple on the Bumbles & Light facebook page. Mikey loves that we live half a block away from the el train and honestly it’s the starting point for most of our little adventures. We began at the station nearest to us and followed the tracks for a few blocks as they wound around some of the nearby buildings. I didn’t think to bring my wide angle lens, so you can’t really see how awesome the tracks look from underneath in these photographs, save for the rusty pillars that hold them up.

As well as watching the trains (and covering his ears because he says they are too loud) we investigated among the weeds for little bugs and flowers. Such is urban life, you take your nature where you can get it. But I really love these photos, not least because we had to bring his toy elephant, Baby Elly, with us (and Mikey tells me that Baby Elly enjoyed herself just as much as he did) but the light was soft and the photographs capture Mikey exploring… which is what he does best.

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  1. An adventure for sure. Mikey’s one lucky boy. Love these photos. The rustic building makes for a perfect backdrop. Happy WW!

    • Thanks Alicia!

      I’m hoping to be able to get back to the same location with an adult model to play around, the location was just great!

  2. Such beautiful photos! I lived north of the city (in Waukegan) for a year and loved getting to go into the city! I need to get back up there and visit now that I’ve picked up this photography hobby 🙂

  3. This is so true – in the city you take nature where you can get it. Lovely shot – that building/brick structure is such a great backdrop
    Nessa´s last post ..Plans

  4. These pictures are beautiful. It’s nice that you have a place so close to home to capture such amazing images.

  5. Great location. He is so cute exploring. …urban exploring! I just love his expression in the black and white photo – what a great capture.

  6. Nothing cuter than a boy exploring his world… and you captured it perfectly. Those steel beams are a great contrast to the soft, green grass. Wonderful photos!
    Holly Thompson´s last post ..Another year down

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