The Heat is On

My temperament doesn’t do so well in the heat, and my hair doesn’t do so well in the humidity. Hot, humid summers forever curse me with a cranky disposition and fluffy, 80’s looking, hair (and the hair issue does nothing to improve my disposition!) So to say that I’m not enjoying the heatwave in Chicago is probably an understatement.

Monday we headed down to Lake Michigan, where the temperature is about 10 degrees lower than the part of the city that we live in. There was also a wonderful breeze coming off the lake, lately the only breeze we’ve been having at the apartment is whenever the el train goes past, less than a block away. As we sat on the train, enjoying the air conditioning on our way to the lake, Mikey began copying the train announcements… declaring “This is a Brown Line train to The Loop” several times over (he also leaned over and whispered in my ear that the train isn’t really brown, it’s grey).

We wandered around the lake shore for a while, before deciding to head to the library to enjoy their air conditioning for a few hours. Then, reluctantly leaving to return to our non-airconditioned vintage apartment.

I was woken on Tuesday night by a glorious thunderstorm, I got up in the middle of the night to double check the weather forecast (that I must say I’ve been glued to lately) hoping that they would have changed their minds about the 99F temperatures we were supposed to have on Wednesday. No such luck, temperatures are set to rise again today and tomorrow, so we’re gracefully bowing out and heading to the suburbs for a few days.

I wont be taking my computer, so I hope the rest of your week is wonderful. If you’re enduring similar temperatures to us, then I hope you stay cool and hydrated!

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  1. I’m right there with you – hope you find a cool breeze. I don’t particularly like the summer either and this one seems to be particularly brutal.

  2. This heat is awful. I’m not a fan.

    Your pictures are adorable though, he looks like he is enjoying himself!

  3. Super hot here in Tennessee, too! Your pictures are making even more excited to our trip to Chicago next weekend! Going to see the Sox vs. Yankees!!! And see relatives! Fun pics!

  4. It’s been cold (mid 60s) and rainy here in Germany; isn’t that crazy? I don’t mind the heat… I’ll trade ya!

  5. alita

    We are all under a tropical heatwave here in the U.S! Good times… lol. I LOVE your first capture darlin.


  6. I love the first shot. It is great how the ducks lined up so well with the boats.

  7. Oh boy! I just asked if you had a/c at the apartment in your Crazy Days of Summer post, but now I know the answer. 🙁 That really stinks! The heat is ridiculous out there right now. We’ve been under a heat advisory since last week Saturday – warnings to stay indoors everyday! We did receive 5 minutes of rain yesterday though. I literally screamed “IT”S RAINING!” and danced around the house. It only got hotter once it was over. 🙁

    Hope you guys are able to get out and continue to stay cool.

    • LOL, we’ve been under a heat advisory too which is why we went to stay with the IL’s on the two hottest days (98F!) because they have A/C and a backyard for Mikey to play with a little pool. We couldn’t stay inside our own apartment earlier in the week, it was so hot. While we were at the IL’s we caved and borrowed a window A/C unit. Hopefully it wont get super hot again, because we can’t afford to run the A/C too much.

      We had a storm last night, so things are a little cooler today (although still quite humid).

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