But We Have Work to do Now

This morning I walked the city sidewalks, alone, on my way to buy some groceries. The window A/C units that I passed were pushing out clouds of heat into the already hot air, although I was trying to keep to the part of the street that was shaded from the sun by rows of beautifully green trees. It gave me some time to think, and to write a blog post in my head, although this isn’t sounding quite as poetic as I’d imagined it to be.

But I was thinking, and considering, where we are as a family. Where we’ve been and how we got here. Because we’re still waiting on that calm, for things to settle into new routine and it hasn’t come yet. Things have been difficult, I’m not going to lie. It has been, and still is, a big change from where we were at this time last year. At the point we are at, I read this blog post yesterday and it seemed especially poignant, with the leap of faith we’ve been making these past few months that we will make things work somehow. And we will, but the waiting kills me.

But I’m spending the rest of today snuggling with a certain little boy who has come down with a summer cold. We’re watching Ponyo, a film that we all adore,

“OK Sōsuke, Ponyo, life is mysterious and amazing but we have work to do now and I need you both to stay calm, me too.”


  1. I think your first paragraph is beautifully descriptive. I’m sure things are difficult right now. All major change is difficult, but I’m sure you guys will do wonderfully. Hugs to your sweet one. We watched Ponyo a while back. That is one weird, but charming charming little movie.

  2. Love that first photo, such an interesting angle. The light in all of these are beautiful.

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