1. I actually went to the Taste of Chicago about 20 years ago! I have relatives who live in Naperville and they took me to my first “Taste of…” It was awesome! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

    • This is my first time going, we’ve only been living in the city for a few months (although my husband was born here). We had a lot of fun!

    • We totally enjoyed it, I’m going back again sans family on Friday so I can have more food to myself!

  2. These are such fun summer pics. Happy WW! By the way, I’m project alicia now. It’s official. lol.

    • Ah Alicia I’m sorry! I knew you’d changed it but I guess it didn’t register somewhere in my head. I’ve changed it now!

  3. how fun! i’ve heard awesome things about taste of chicago! great pics!

  4. Yes – looks like summertime! My favorite is the fourth one but I also really like the third: I love the old couple on the right in close-to-matching plaid juxtaposed with the young couple on the left!

  5. These are great! I visited Chicago for the first time this past fall and fell in love! What a fabulous city!

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