The Park

Although we live in a city apartment and don’t have a green space of our own, we’re very lucky to live close to a lovely park. Mikey has had a lot of fun playing under the trees, chasing birds and watching squirrels these past few days thanks to the beautiful weather that Chicago has been having this week.

I managed to somehow break my copy of Photoshop last week and haven’t got around to reinstalling. I’ve been editing in Lightroom only, the photographs above are Lightroom edits. I used to simply use Lightroom for the basics so there has been a little bit of a learning curve for me to be able to do what I consider a full edit with it. I’m enjoying it though, now I’m considering mostly using just Lightroom and only importing photographs into Photoshop that need more complex edits. What does everyone else prefer to use for their photo editing?

And speaking of photographs, on Thursday this week I will be posting the introduction to a little series I’ve been talking about doing. I’ve called it How to take a Photograph and I hope to cover a number of different things mostly related to the more artistic and less technical aspects of photography. I’ve love it if you would visit me here on Thursday and let me know what you think! If you want to stay updated, you can like Bumbles & Light on Facebook or you can Subscribe in your feed reader. Before Photoshop broke on me, I managed to throw together some buttons for the series that you can share on your own blog if you’d like, I’ll put them up with the Introductory post on Thursday. I had been thinking about making just a general button for the blog, but sadly that was when Photoshop decided to quit, so I’ll have to wait on that one. Either way, I hope to see you all again on Thursday!

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  1. These are great. Love the everyday moments. I use photoshop and elements, but have been wanting lightroom.
    alicia´s last post ..Lots of Firsts

  2. Regardless of the editing software you have, you really know how to capture a mood. I’m looking forward to your new series!

  3. I love when little kids find something interesting in nature and the way they are looking at things and exploring them. And you were able to capture this so nice.
    I’m actually from the ‘old school’ and always used an SLR with slide film when I took my underwater pictures. And now I am a SAHM and just use my little point and shoot to capture our life. I might crop but that’s it. I don’t do other editing. I don’t even have an editing program. I want to buy a good digital SLR but they are top big, I like my little Sony in my pocket. 🙂

    • I used my dad’s film SLR a few times in college and really enjoyed it. I’m actually hoping to get one of my vintage SLR’s working so I can play around with film again soon!

      We have disposable cameras laying around the house to quick snapshots for personal use 🙂

  4. I use Lightroom 98% of the time.
    lately I’ve only been adding watermark and sharpening in Photoshop.
    but of course there are those days when you need to “cover” the dark circles under the eyes, and Photoshop is perfect plastic surgeon/stylist
    Galina´s last post ..– This Week –

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