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When we’ve tired of decorating and organizing our new apartment, we’ve been walking. Just around, exploring and finding little local treasures, as well as making ourselves familiar with the streets and necessities like grocery stores.

I have to say, the area is beautiful. We’re 15 minutes from a large park, we walked past it yesterday afternoon and Mikey was enthralled by watching the squirrels run up and down the trees. The photo above, of Mikey and I, was taken by my husband as we were walking. I was most definitely window shopping as we walked, such beautiful antique stores and boutiques.

Tuesday morning, upon realising that our plans to go to the farmers market were dashed by the fact that it doesn’t begin until June, we decided to take the L over to a family owned grocery store I had heard about. Sales on local fresh produce make a girl like me swoon, what can I say?

So I spent the majority of Tuesday afternoon sorting vegetables. Blanching ridiculous amounts of broccoli for the freezer and trimming spinach stalks, after so long it feels amazing to potter around in my own kitchen although the smaller space will take some getting used to. Two new cookbooks arrived for me today, a late mother’s day gift from my husband and Mikey, so I’ll be ready to begin cooking creatively again very soon. As well as the other relatively crafty things that I enjoy doing.

As I write now, I sit on our couch (which had been greatly missed by all). The windows are open, a cool breeze running through the apartment. I’m drinking tea, and it is wonderful.

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  1. Beautiful photos – I especially like the broccoli – excellent food photography!
    Barb´s last post ..Caw!

  2. Raquel

    I’m glad your enjoying your new place and getting used to your new kitchen.

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