Breakfast, coffee and a question for you

A slow weekend, just how I like them. A friend over for dinner on Friday evening, a relaxing Saturday and brunch in the city with the same friend on Sunday. In between, I watched a food & culture photography workshop with Penny De Los Santos, which was inspiring to say the least. I think my husband was sick of me telling him about all of the things that I learned.

I’ve been researching a lot to do with our local food situation. When and where the nearby farmer’s markets are, local honey from an urban bee keeper’s co-op. I’ve also been making plans for growing my own, despite our limited space. I have room in my kitchen window for herbs and there’s also room for a hanging box on my porch. I think I’ll grow some salad in the box when I get it set up, It’s probably not really deep enough for any other vegetables.

After asking on my facebook page, I’ve also been thinking of some topics and ideas for a sort of photography tips series. Not that I claim to be an expert by any means of course, but I was thinking I’d just talk about the less technical side of things that I do when I’m taking photographs. Inspiration, expression and things like that because there really are a lot of amazing resources out there already on the technical side of things, I feel like I’d just be rehashing the same information. I’ll probably link to them, though, for reference.

Is that the kind of thing you’d be interested in reading? Feel free to ask some questions and I’ll see if I can cover them in the series. I’ll maybe get around to making a sweet little button for the series so that you can link to it if you like. Perhaps I’ll even give homework assignments, what do you think?


    • I do too actually, which is kind of why I thought I’d do something along those lines. I like to write what I’d like to read… haha, does that make sense?

  1. Have you changed your text recently? The light gray (or is it grey?) is a little hard for me to read on my browser/computer.

    As for your question, I’m not a photographer, I just like looking at pretty photos. 🙂 I would like to take up the hobby, but I always feel like I’m in the way or like I’m missing the moment with a camera in my hand. Perhaps there could be a discussion about that.

    • Ah yes I did fiddle with the colours a little, sorry! I’ve made the text darker now so hopefully it should be easier to see now?

      Thanks for the input as well, that was something I’d forgotten to write on my list but it’s a very important point!

  2. Laura

    I think that’d be awesome, I’d love to read about your inspiration and any little tips you might have – it would definitely interest me and maybe help me get some new ideas and things for myself… I tend to run out of inspiration then find a serious lag in the amount of photos I take, so maybe mini assignment things could keep me inspired and make sure I keep taking photos?
    You’ve got one reader of this potential new series at least 🙂

    • Thanks Laura. I hope it will help. I think everyone has times where they feel less than inspired!

  3. Lakeicia

    You take such beautiful photos. I would LOVE a series on what moves you and your photography.

  4. I would love a novice edition of “how to take photos for blogs” with assignments. A short series to help me get the most out of my 12 megapixel Canon point-and-shoot would be awesome.
    Miel et Lait´s last post ..Why I don’t vlog

    • Hey now, your camera has more megapixels than mine! 😉

      I don’t take photos explicitly for my blog, except for food photos I suppose when I want to post a recipe. I usually let the photographs I’ve already taken guide my writing. With that said, I will absolutely be incorporating ideas as to how to get the best out of the equipment you already have… I think that’s important, after all not everyone can afford (or even wants) a professional grade DSLR, I know I can’t afford one!

  5. Hi
    I think the idea of assignments is a great one. I look forward to your tips also. Great blog thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi from Clickin Moms! You take beautiful photographs — I love the light in the images in this post. I’d love to read stories about how you find inspiration behind the shots you take. Do you take pictures of “found objects” or do you manipulate the scene for a better shot? I love knowing details like that.
    Katie´s last post ..Month-by-Month

  7. I love the grapefruit shots! Such pretty colors.

    I agree with Katie…I would love for you take a shot and kinda dissect it…how you chose to shoot it, how you approached the comp, post process, etc. 🙂

  8. I’d love to see what you come up with. You have such a serene style. I’m excited to hear about your motivation!
    ShannonW´s last post ..The Gatewoods

  9. You’ve a great mastery of light, it really makes your photos stand out. So perhaps a little discussion about type of light motivates you to get out there and shoot.

  10. Anna

    what a great idea, I also like to read about other photographers inspirations 🙂

  11. Of course I love photos of kids and macros, but I didn’t even realize how much fun OTHER photos can be too until I saw these shots–it’s like a breath of fresh air! I have to remember to document more–it’s cool…
    Jessica Holden´s last post ..Mother’s Day- 2011!!

  12. This is my first time visiting your blog and it is beautiful. I love your simplistic style. I agree with the poster who mentioned are awareness of light. You use it well!!! I would love to hear about your motivation/inspiration. The grapefruit images are beautiful. I don’t really know anything when it comes to food photography. I would love to hear more about that as well! I look forward to following your blog!

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