the budding twigs

Title taken from the poem Lines Written in Early Spring by Wordsworth.

It feels as though I’ve been waiting some time for greenery to emerge. I’ve been seeing photographs from my friends back in Germany, filled with the vibrant colours of Spring, and I’ve been feeling a little sad because it is still predominantly brown here in Illinois. But, today I again ventured out to inspect nearby trees and bushes and spied some tiny green buds among the clusters of twigs.

The bulbs in my in-laws backyard are coming up nicely too, a few have flower buds on them, and the vegetable garden has one or two little spots of green pushing up through the soil. Mikey has been having fun helping to water them, it wont be too long until he can plant some sunflower seeds of his own.

Most of our indoor seedlings can’t be planted out yet as there’s still a risk of frost, but they are growing happily inside. We are hoping to be able to go and look at some apartments next week and I am desperately hoping for at least a small spot of balcony space, perhaps just enough room for a potted tomato plant and a few other veggies. A little space in a sunlit window is also on my apartment wishlist because I’d also quite like to be able to grow some indoor herbs.

When I left to take the above photographs, the premature lamb that we have been bottle feeding in the house decided to run up and down the hallway bleating loudly. She has now apparently decided that I am her mama and follows me wherever she can, I feel quite bad about the number of times I have tripped on her this past week as she runs along underfoot. She was upset that her mama had left the house and was trying to find me. While I’m using my computer she chews on my jeans and takes naps on my feet. She is, however, going to have to go outside to join the other sheep very soon as she is getting too big and too messy for the house.

I’m feeling slightly more inspired these days than I have been since the stress of our move, I’ve got a notebook and scraps of paper filled with ideas and plans for a whole host of different things. Plans for the new apartment, ideas for craft projects and hopes for a balcony vegetable garden. We’re all still looking forward to May, my husband starts school for the summer session and we’ll be exploring and settling into our new home.

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  1. I hear ya! I did a post recently called hope when I finally spotted the first pussy willow blossom. Your pics are gorgeous though. And although I couldn’t be happier about the prospect of spring, I am also trying to appreciate all of the variations with the changing seasons. I know that if I look hard enough I can spy some beautiful photo ops. Right?

    • I know what you mean, I think I’m just having trouble getting used to the MidWest. In the part of Germany we lived in it was still quite green, even in winter. Here even the grass is brown in winter! I know I’ll feel better when we’re moved to our own place and settled, I’m not so good at transitions I suppose.

  2. I totally love these 🙂 Love the bokeh. These are the types of pictures I like to take…I can’t wait for buds and new growth here, it’s coming!

    • Thank you, I can’t begin to tell you how impatient I was getting for even the slightest little bit of greenery!

  3. Yay for signs of Spring! So glad the warmer weather is bringing you new inspiration. These are really gorgeous – love all that beautiful bokeh!

  4. I love these photos. Plants are always in bloom here, it must be exciting to see the newness.

  5. Anna

    Love these photos, spring is my favorite season and you captured it beautifully!

  6. My goodness, every one of those shots are just beautiful. And all that delicious bokeh? Stunning.

  7. I’m jealous of your green budding leaves. Gorgeous!

    I feel the very same way. I am so ready for spring, even if my allergies are completely making me miserable. ha!
    alita´s last post ..Midwest Spring Time Hope

  8. YAY SPRING IS HERE… funny I’m in Germany and while some green HAS been appearing the cold & grey sky just sucks the life out of it. Hoping the sun stays. Great shots of the buds!
    JennyO´s last post ..Texture my morning

  9. Faith

    What a beautiful post! Love your photographs. I love being in that hopeful, looking forward season! Sounds like you are having a “spring” internally. Hope you enjoy every moment of it.

  10. Ewa

    Lovely photos, it’s great when the Spring comes
    we had good few days now with sunshine and all the bud are open now and look lovely
    Ewa´s last post ..Will I or will I not

  11. How’s the house hunting going? Glad to know Dan is starting school this summer. It’ll be your turn soon, right?

    I’m glad you finally have a glimpse of spring in your area. Can’t wait to see photos of the blooms! =)
    Jennifer Bowen´s last post ..AWT Adelboden!

  12. Tara

    So Beautiful, I love them all.. thanks for linking up. I just adore your style and blog!

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