We did our Easter Egg Hunt a day early, the rain had been pouring torrents this week and thunderstorms have been chasing one another across the sky almost every night. On Friday night, after returning home from a fun filled evening playing with friends at his Aunt and Uncle’s house, Mikey stood with his nose pressed against the glass watching the lightning and listening out for the rolls of thunder. On Saturday we were surprised to see the sunshine so we quickly changed our plans and had our egg hunt outside that afternoon, lest it rain again on Sunday.

The previous Friday, Mikey made some chocolate cornflake nests and some rabbit shaped sugar cookies. He’s getting good in the kitchen and hardly needed any help at all to make those you see in the first and third photograph above, although the eggs for the chocolate nests were probably shared out equally between Mikey and the nests they were intended for. Similarly it appeared to be quite difficult to get the marshmallow tails onto the bunnies rather than into Mikey’s mouth! We use a mixture of dark chocolate, honey and butter for the cornflake nests, and I eventually managed to find some Cadbury’s mini eggs to go in them. We used the sugar cookie recipe from The Joy of Baking, which I think is probably my favourite.

Mikey also played with the lamb again on Saturday afternoon. She lives in the barn with the other sheep now, so he doesn’t get to play with her as much as when we first brought her in. She’s growing nicely and seems a lot bigger than when we put her out there. She still isn’t getting along so well with the other sheep, but that will come with time.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Those goodies are stinkin adorable! Glad you got your egg hunt in. We’re hoping to do ours tomorrow. Happy Easter!
    alicia´s last post ..Happy Easter!

  2. Happy Easter (as the clock approches midnight.. eik! better late than never, right?)

    I figured out why Mikey’s Easter Nests looked better than mine. I used a recipe that included Choi Mein noodles, not corn flakes. They tasted great, but didn’t look as good. Maybe next time, I’ll try corn flakes.
    Miel et Lait´s last post ..Way more about me than you’d ever want to know

    • I’ve never heard of making them that way, we always do cornflakes although they tend to fall apart quite easily! The cornflakes taste good with the honey/chocolate mix though 🙂

  3. Awww, the lamb shot is so sweet…love the coloring. Also, the nests and cookies look yummy. Of course your son is adorable on his egg hunt, how fun!

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