To the city and back

On Thursday, my husband and I left Mikey to stay with his aunt while we went up to look at the city. We spent the entire day walking around, hopping on and off of the L train. We visited the University of Illinois, Chicago building to work out a few of the logistics if we were to both start school, although the plan is currently for him to start first while I get my transcripts sent in and translated, then perhaps I will be able to finish up next year depending on how much I have left to do. We took the train out to Lincoln Square, which is the area we’re hoping to eventually live in. I fell in love with the area, I can’t wait to be able to settle down there.

Do you ever walk around somewhere and just see the perfect variety and mix of people that makes you feel as though you would really fit in? That’s what it felt like to me.

In a month or so we’re going to be able to get a place of our own, so soon we’re going to head back to look around apartments. It’s pretty exciting if I’m honest.

We spent the following Friday morning playing outside at Mikey’s aunt and uncle’s house. The warm sunshine making a change from the cool winds, I think it was the first time we’ve really been able to sit outside for any length of time since we arrived, so I hope the weather continues this way. After such a long time spent living far away from family, we’re finally able to learn the joys of having at least some family members live nearby.

This morning I have yard work to do, flower bed edging to put together and a swing to make and hang from the perfect tree branch. Even though we’re not in our own home, being able to do these things does make me feel better settled.


  1. I love Mikey’s new haircut! So cute! He looks like he’s having so much fun over there with family. Does he ask you to “Go home!” all the time, still? 😉

    Great to hear that your plans are coming along fine. You’ll have your own place in no time.
    Jennifer Bowen´s last post ..SOOC Saturday TKD!

  2. I’m glad being there made you feel that way — that’s how I felt about the University of Texas when I went to visit, and now, it’s how I feel about Austin every time we go back. It’s just my city 🙂
    osarah´s last post ..40 Weeks

  3. I love the first two “street” photography b&w’s. I would love to do some street photography, just need to find a buddy to go to the city with and give it a go! Good luck on your move into Chicago, I’m only about 2 hours away from you.

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